Friday, May 27, 2011

We Made the Switch

Crib to toddler bed.  Yep, I considered long and hard, and before I let myself over-think it, I found myself with the little wrench tool taking Bryton's side off of his crib.  (That's the glory in convertible cribs... it would have taken me all of ten minutes to put it back together if all else failed.) 

How'd it go, you ask?  Well, I made the conversion before a nap.  (So it would give me an idea what kind of fight I was going to be up against.  I'm much more patient at night time than at bedtime.)  Only one time during the nap did he remotely get out of his crib (only his legs lol) and did I go back in and tell him to get all of him back in the crib.  (Got to nip it in the bud, you know?)  Granted, he spent the endurance of what was naptime fake crying, which happens about once a week anyway, so I just let him be and chalked it up to the possibility that it had nothing to do with his crib. 

Fast forward to the evening, Bryton had a normal evening routine, went to bed with a little struggle, which isn't totally normal, but once I left he was fine and laying there.  It took him all of maybe 5 minutes to be out, and ahhh the bliss, he was asleep in his big boy bed! 

A few hours after he'd went to sleep we noticed that he was sleeping the 'wrong way' in his bed and his head was just hanging over the edge... by a lot!  I wanted to go in and fix him, Aaron swore he'd fix himself, and he eventually did.  About an hour later as I was getting ready to go to bed myself, I noticed Bryton was not in his crib.  (This is the glory of a video monitor!)  No, alas, he was layin' on the floor in front of it, snoozin' away and wrapped up in his comforter! 

I couldn't just let him sleep on the floor (and I didn't want him waking up in the middle of the night and freaking out about where he was - no need ruining a good thing), so I went it and picked him up and laid him back in bed. 

The rest of the night went smoothly and normally... he didn't even get out of bed when he woke up in the morning until I went in and told him to!  Now, I'd be lying if I said that I woke up several times to check the monitor throughout the night!  Can't have any children roaming the house unattended, or the neighborhood for that matter :)  (Just kidding, we put a gate in front of his door so he couldn't escape ;)

So let's pray it continues to go as smoothly.  So far so good ;)


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