Thursday, May 19, 2011

Launch Party Date Set - Book Now for a Free Warmer!

That's right, folks!  May 29th is the official kick off for my new Scentsy business!  I'm having an 'open house' here at my casa, where any of you all are more than welcome to come smell some Scentsy goodness, take a good look at the warmers, scent circles, Scentsy Buddy, fragrance foams, etc, and order or book a party to earn free products for yourself!

Remember, the first 3 that book parties and host a party of $200 of retail sales (not hard at all) will receive a free full size warmer (for the first person), mid-size warmer (for the second person), and plug in warmer (for the third person).  The first person has already booked, but I'm still waiting to fill that 2nd and 3rd booking!

On top of the free warmer that I am offering as an incentive, all hostess' for all parties earn free product based on the retail sales of their party and half priced items!  If you aren't familiar with Scentsy, this is a great way to 'try' the products spending very little (if any) out of pocket!

Have a thousand excuses as to why you can't host a party in your home?  How about trying a basket party?  I'll set you up with mini scent samples, catalogs, and order forms, and you take the basket with you to work, to church, or anywhere else you go throughout the week, sell your little hiney off, and you get all of the same hostess rewards that you would get if you had the party in your home!  AND - I'll include the basket party bookings with the 'first 3 bookings' incentives I have going on!  Tick tick, two more spots available for a free warmer (and lots of other free stuff!)  ;)


P.S.  If you want to order from the launch party but can't make it to the launch party, visit to place an order.  Just click on "Alicia's Launch Party" under my picture!

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