Thursday, May 5, 2011

My World In Pictures

This pretty much says it all:

 Mid Day Routine
 A 2 Year Old's Fun With Stickers
 2 Months Old (Pre-Shots)
 (Also Pre Shots)
 Baseball game!
 More from the Bubbles...
 Boys can even make soap messy...
 But they can even make soap cute...
 And chalk (I drew that btw... he's coloring it in ;)

 He's a master ball kicker!
 After bubble hang out with sis
 Dominating his letter A and apple - I'm telling you, that's almost in the lines! 
 Our first attempt at painting
 And a much better second attempt
 Mother's day gifts for grandmas
 Family at the Baseball game
 Because there aren't enough pictures of just the two of us... and that's how it all began ;)

Until next time...

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