Saturday, May 21, 2011

This Week In Review

Goal wise:  I've barely hung on this week, if you can even call it that.  Our entire family is fighting allergies again, on top of Aaron being gone every night this week besides Monday... it's been challenging to say the least.  Bryton is, for lack of better terms, extremely sensitive when he isn't feeling right, making for a lot more fits and a lot more crying episodes out of him.  Due to this he has, unfortunately, spent much of his week in time out.  I've felt lousy, lousy enough even to have taken a nap, yes, friends, a nap, on Wednesday.  Those of you who know me know that I do not nap, ever, but somehow I managed to lay down when the kids did at about 1:30... expecting to either be up with Ansley in a couple of minutes to put a paci in (I was watching her on the monitor - video monitors are the greatest invention ever - and she was just loooookin' around) or in 45 minutes when she decided to wake up, but somehow, both kids decided to take longer than 2 1/2 hour naps that day!  It was 3:35 when I opened my eyes, still holding the monitor in my hand... and still feeling lousy.

So - as far as goals - Bryton's rocking out his letters, as you've seen in previous blogs... so that one is done for the month... as well as finishing my book.  The house, well, most of it got finished.  I've had to play catch up on laundry a couple times, but it was just getting it out of the dryer and to it's appropriate spots... so not too bad.  I did miss it all together today.  Oh well.  And I was supposed to clean the bathroom on Friday.  Have I mentioned I've felt really bad?  And so have my kids?  And that makes life difficult?  Okay.  The bathroom didn't get done.  So sue me.  I'll make it up, well, sometime.  I've done decent on Ruth this week.  This was a difficult chapter... a lot to take in - but a little at the same time.  I'm ready to move on to chapter 4.  I haven't got the 2nd date with my hubs yet... we're going to make it happen, somehow.  All I know is that he's a very busy man... and has his whole next week booked full... glad next weekend is a holiday weekend, we're going to need it to fit that date in... so that's me barely hanging on.

On lighter, more random notes:

The world is still... well, here.  And I'm happy with God on that decision.  Why?  Because I really want to see God doing a 'boo yah' to the false prophets who think that the "no one knows" verse doesn't apply to them.  You may as well be claiming to be God... and quite frankly, I would have been a little disappointed if God would have brought the world to end tonight, like He was giving them the satisfaction of being 'right'.  I'm glad He has other plans.

Totally bummed out that the David Crowder Band announced their split after this tour is over.  I mean, they have been around for the endurance of my more mature Christian life.  They've been around for all of my Christian music life.  So Aaron and I are planning a "our last Crowder experience'' trip.  It's the major end of an era.  It's kind of like our dog dying or something.  I know, weird analogy.

The Biggest Loser Finale is Tuesday, and yes, I'm extremely excited about that!  One obsession I have not shared previously on my blog is my love for The Biggest Loser.  I've seen almost every season from start to finish... it's the only show I really keep coming back to... but I love how radically people can change their lives in such a short period of time.  I especially love the finale because you see all of the people who left in the first couple of weeks, wonder to yourself, "Who are they again?" and then when  you remember you say, "Holy cow, they look completely different!"  Or.  at least those are the ones who are fun to see.  And I'm totally stoked that my girls Olivia and Hannah - the purple team - are both still standing in the final 3!  And I'm praying America voted the right way and kept Irene in the mix... girl has rocked out that gym, and hasn't been sent home, returned, and almost sent home TWO other times... cough cough.  She deserves to be there, but that is just my opinion. 

Once all of us get healthy again, Bryton's world is going to be rocked.  Since we aren't potty training currently (giving him another month and going to try... again) we may go ahead and switch his crib to a toddler bed.  We've not done it yet because, well, we haven't had to.  The one thing he's never done is crawled out or climbed out, and he's still all over the crib when he sleeps.  BUT - if Ansley keeps sleeping through the night pretty well (Oh please, Jesus, let her keep it up), she'll be moving into his room for nighttime sleep soon, and after she gets in there, I don't want anything disrupting the flow of things...  trying to pick one battle at a time, and trying to pick them in the right order.  We may still be a few weeks off on that...

AND - I'm working a lot this week on preparing for a dear friend's baby shower.  This is probably one of two showers I've been most excited about,  mostly because we weren't sure whether she'd ever get to have a baby shower for a baby she'd been privileged to carry, but God was faithful, and Sam will be in here in July!  (The other most exciting shower was exactly the same story... and beautiful Reagan came just following that baby shower! :) So stinking exciting!  She said yesterday how much she'll be crying at the shower... and I'm sure she won't be alone.  I'm sure they prayed for that baby more than we'll ever know, but so many of us chorused those prayers for them.  Sam will be a baby who has been prayed for before he even was... pretty cool when you think about it!

Infertility was something that I heard about before I was married and starting to have babies, but has become something very real as I know more people than I ever would have imagined who have struggled with such heartbreak.  Luckily - the ones I know will now ALL have beautiful babies to show for what was once such heartbreak.  

So keep checking back!  Lots of stuff going on... if only I could get us all feeling better.  I hate this time of year...


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