Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Some Random Things and Looking for Advice

I'm getting really good at random posts ;)  I don't have to think too much to write them!  So here we go!
  • So in the Gregg household at the moment, we are considering turning Bryton's baby bed (crib) to a big boy bed (toddler bed).  I debate back and forth on whether to do it.  It literally almost just happened 5 minutes ago, but I'm busy trying to get 'likes' on facebook at the moment (more on that in a minute.)  I'm nervous about doing it because I'm concerned about naptime.  This momma covets and cherishes naptime.  Bryton still needs naptime.  But naptime rarely happens without a pretty large crying episode in his crib.  If he's not contained then I'm nervous he won't stay put.  He's not tried to climb out or anything, so safety isn't any kind of an issue at this point.  For momma's who have been there... thoughts?  Go for it or wait it out, and if I go for it, any tips?  I kind of want him switched over by the time Ansley is in his room with him... maybe a month or so?  
  • Which brings me to number 2.  Help a sister out with some more advice:  For those of you who had children sharing a bedroom... how did you make that work?  I mean, well, here's the dilemma... we are in a two bedroom home, (at the moment), and Ansley eventually has to make it into her crib in Bryton's room (she's in ours right now).  She's sleeping through the night pretty consistently (can't say that without saying 'knock on wood' - so knock on wood), but she gets up a little earlier than Bryton and goes to sleep way earlier than Bryton.  He's pretty quiet after going to bed so I'm not so much afraid of him waking her up as I am her waking him up early... or us waking her up putting him to bed... I don't want to mess up the preciousness of sleeping through the night!!!  She goes to bed between 6:45 and 7:15... him at around 8:30.  Suggestions?  Also, she gets up anywhere between 6 and 7 usually.  Occasionally she'll make it to 7:30... I'm thinking if I get in to get her fairly quickly he may keep sleeping?? What were your experiences?  What things should I consider?  Any tips?
  • In other news - I've spent the day trying to win Miss Ansley dresses for every holiday for the rest of the year ;)  A woman I've bought some dresses from (she makes boutique style clothing) is having a contest on her facebook to get people to 'like' her page... the more people that go saying I referred them, the better chance of Ansley winning :)  SOOO - if you want to here's the link ;)  
  • I'm having a lot of fun with my Scentsy stuff - and I've not even had a party yet ;)  (Although my launch party is Sunday!  I'm nervous!  If you want to order something you can let me know, come on Sunday, or even order through my website by clicking on "Alicia's launch party".  Every little bit helps me get off the ground!)  Anyway - I've booked 3 parties so far.  I've organized all of my scents, and picked out new favorites for me!  Plus found lots of new warmers I love!  Guess I chose a good thing to sell.  I love this stuff!
  •  I've picked out the two books I'll be reading in June... be prepared for blog thoughts on them... the first is a re-read for me, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe!
  • I can't get this Joplin disaster out of my head.  The stuff on the news astounds me.  I wish I could pack up and go help, but I don't even know the proper way to do that.  I mean, I want to be a help, not a hindrance, you know?  It wasn't that long ago Aaron was baptized in a creek there in Joplin!  What a tragedy.  I hate tornadoes!
Is that enough random thoughts for one day?  I think so... off to win dresses, hopefully :)



  1. I say if he isn't trying to get out of his bed, let him stay for a while. Then again, I don't have kids sharing rooms. I have enough trouble with them waking each other up just being next door. But, Q is a super light sleeper, so that's probably why. He moved to a toddler bed right before he turned 2, we have to keep a baby gate on his door, it gives him the boundaries he needs and he respects it. Good luck with the dress winnings!

    We just had a bunch of bad tornados here in OK, there is a toddler missing. So sad, they are awful!

  2. I have the same situation with my two. We took Davis out of the crib in August & Brady was born in October. Literally, the next day (after the car bed was up)---it was a fight to keep him in his 'big boy' bed...and still is!! He usually ends up in my bed before the sun comes up. I have no suggestions for you! I just want you to know your not alone in this "two sharing a room" struggle :)

  3. oh buddy - looks like u;m in for it!