Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Sale Worth Mentioning

For those of you who are The Children's Place shoppers, you do not want to miss this sale!  Go check out the website and search their $5 day deals AND the sale section (which contains several items at a 70% discount!), combine that with the coupon code (insert at checkout) EBATES5C for another 15% off, AND there is free shipping on all orders right now!  To make the deal even better, shop through ebates and earn 3% cashback!  Hey, every little bit helps!!!  Hurry in, sizes are going fast!


  1. I used Ebates, had 30% off code from my email, plus the free shipping----they practically gave me my items!!! haha.

  2. Cool beans, thanks for the heads up. I get their emails but never read 'em. Manage to pick through the sizes and get a few things for next year.

  3. Holy cow Staci! Look at you go! Isn't it awesome to get such great deals! This is why I don't buy kids clothes at yard sales, I can typically get them just as cheap and brand new with tags ;)