Monday, May 2, 2011

As Random as a Type A Can Be

So - today was all sorts of interesting with the new goals and, well, with life in general.  Afterall, I do have a two (and a half, as of tomorrow) year old, and a 2 month old (also as of tomorrow).  Life is forever changing for a 2 month old.  I'm a creature of predictability, and the unpredictable scares me.  I guess you could say I'm type A. 

Anyway... this blog isn't about my type A'edness (like that?), but about random things that happened, or didn't happen today.  Many of them relate to my goals this month... hmmm, maybe this blog is about my type A'edness.  We'll see. 

Here's the low - down:
  • First of all, it's raining... again.  I think it'd be more surprising if I said, "It's not raining."  Seems like rain is all we get now-a-days.  More and more people are becoming displaced due to flooding.  Right now the $6,000 we spent to waterproof the basement (you know, because we were going to finish it) doesn't seem like such an awful investment.  Some people in our town have basements that have been converted to really gross swimming pools lately. 
  • Speaking of rain, Ansley has her two month shots tomorrow.  (I know you are wondering how the two are connected.  This picture is a picture of the road lake that has to be crossed to get to Ansley's doctor appointment tomorrow.  See the water creeping up on the road where the line disappears?  Uh huh...
And this picture was taken this afternoon.  Did I mention it's still raining?  Errrr... And thanks for the picture, Shelly ;)  Anyway.  Two month old shots.  Yippee.  (I do hope you sense my sarcasm.)  They prepped me on this at her 2 week appointment, giving me all kinds of paperwork, etc. about the shots she would be getting (like 4 or 5... *sigh*).  I think the whole idea of it sucks.  Granted, they've ended this autism debate and all of this stuff, but it all still sticks out in my mind, like maybe they aren't telling us something.  One way or another, we've got tylenol waiting.  I'm ready to get tomorrow over with. 
  • I underestimated my busy-ness today.  On top of all of the normal things (feed kids, change kids, rock kids, play with kids, clean bottles, make bottles, cook meals, do dishes, pick up after kids, pick up after big kids, etc etc etc) I had my 'goals' to accomplish as well.  That meant that I had a load of laundry to get done, (done meaning washed, dried, folded and put away.  That last part is such a doozie.) which I accomplished, I had to dust, which I accomplished and I needed to read some of my book and do some studying of Ruth.  Exercise would have been a great thing to accomplish, but I also needed to think about a project this week with B and start working on those letters.  (More to come on that later.)  Needless to say, I didn't accomplish the exercise today (though I DID pick up a Zumba wii game from Shelly!  Thanks, again, Shelly!), but I did accomplish the studying of Ruth and will accomplish the reading.  
  • Also, consuming a huge chunk of my time today, this organizational kick that I'm on ruined my time on dusting! What normally takes 15 minutes (without the interference of children, which I also had today) took me almost 2 hours today.  Yes, two stinking hours.  Granted, it wasn't two solid hours of dusting... but it was even more frustrating.  It looked more like this: "Oh crap, going to have to file all of those coupons before I dust the hutch."  File 20 coupons, dust hutch. "Hmmm, going to have to clean off the dining room table before I dust it.  I knew there was a reason I wanted to make these places not be catch-alls."  Clean off dining room table, without putting stuff someplace different only to have to find a place for it later, then dust dining room table.  "Hmmm, I really need to dust that shelving unit, but I bought those new organizational boxes to use and I'm not sure how I want to use those yet... hmmm, Ansley's up... I'll go dust our bedroom instead."  Dust the bedroom.  Dust Bryton's bedroom.  Ansley's screaming, feed Ansley.  Bryton's hungry.  Feed Bryton.  Feed myself.  "Oh crap, I'm making crock pot lasagna for supper." Prep lasagna.  Rock Ansley to sleep.  Play Mickey for Bryton.  Start rearranging the little shelving unit.  Fight Bryton on it the whole time because I'm moving around his stuff that he now wants to play with.  Put Bryton down for a nap.  "Aww bliss, now I should have at least another hour to get this all finished.  I could conquer the world in that amount of time." Dust shelving unit.  Dust bookshelf.  Rearrange bookshelf.  Start rearranging big shelving unit.  "Oh crap, Ansley's crying?! What?  It's only been... grrrr.... 45 minutes.  Dumb 45 minute intruder. Ugh."  Put in paci.  Walk out.  Walk back in, put in paci.  Walk out.  "This isn't working."  Get Ansley, try the swing.  See that isn't working.  Hurry up and dust the large shelving unit, leaving the mess of 'organizational tasks' on, you guessed it, the dining room table (where it still sits).  Dust other book shelf, dust side tables in living room.  Ansley is now screaming, but hey, the dusting is doooone.  Whew.  See what I mean?
  • In my reading of Ruth today I realized that Ruth, in fact, has 4 chapters.  I should note that I have stressed, yes indeedy, stressed, that there is no quantitative way to chart my progress with this goal.  When you have to read so many verses or for so long every day you have something that you can see your progress with... not so much when you are just studying to study.  (I'm not type A, I promise.)  So when I saw that there were 4 chapters it gave me a way to divide it all up so that I feel as if I've charted something.  A chapter a week, studied in depth.  So I read all of chapter 1, from two translations, and a set of commentary on it today.  I've obviously read the book before but I'm already learning things I didn't know before by just reading 'over' it.  Like Elimelech and Naomi left an area of believers to go to an area of unbelievers because of a famine.  They took their boys with them... their boys married two girls at this place of unbelievers (they were Moabites who worshiped Chemosh).  When all of the men were eventually dead... (really sad for Naomi, if you think about it... yikes) all that was left for Naomi was these two daughter in laws (again, another yikes) who served a different God than she did.  How's that for uncomfortable?  Naomi eventually decided to return home when she found that the land was not in famine anymore... the girls went with her but she tried to send them back.  Orpah went, but we see that Ruth, in fact, was converted and stayed with Naomi.  (Ahem, your God, with a big G, will be my God.)  I'm interested to see how this conversion plays into her life later...
  • Bryton officially has the letter A and the 'a' sound down.  He also has the "B" and the 'b' sound down a little bit as well.  Aaron caught on to the training that Bryton and I had this morning and decided to throw B into the mix.  (He wasn't aware that I had this all planned out as to how I would do this letter training... just one letter a day.  But I let it slide since, well, I don't have to be type A about everything.)  Also, today, Bryton colored a picture of A (because that was today's letter) and an apple, all by himself, of course.  When I went to get it from him (we're making a book of all of his letters... hello project!) I was shocked to see that it appeared as if he was trying to stay in the lines.  Granted, that apple is all kinds of funky colors, but by golly, that picture may be fridge worthy!  I took a picture so I may have to upload it and let ya'll see!  
  • On another project note, we're planting flowers and painting flower pots for grandmas for mother's day this week.  That should be fun and messy!  
  • In other randomness, I'm totally considering selling Scentsy.  Yep... I've thought about it forever, and JaLyn finally sent me the stuff to search through.  I should add praying about that to my list of things to do... ahem, type A.  
  • In other news, Aaron and I are taking Bryton to a Cardinal game on Thursday.  We have a dear friend watching Ansley until my mom gets off work to pick her up!  I'd debated back and forth about whether to 'count' (man, type A is coming out all over the place... I'm a type A extremist!) that as a date with Aaron or not, but I'm saying it doesn't count, since we're taking Bryton with us and all.  Though it should be fun anyway.  He loves baseball!  
  • And lastly, in randomness, to top off the randomness pie and be the proverbial 'cherry on top', I had my first real headache since probably month 2 of my pregnancy.  I knew yesterday that it was going to happen.  These headaches are familiar... I had them at about the same time with Bryton, and they lasted until he was probably 7 or 8 months old.  I've figured out the cause, with Ansley, though... it's all of the toting I do, especially on days where she has to be held for long periods of time.  The headache always comes the next day and is due to all of the strain on my shoulder (especially the muscles in my neck and shoulder on the left side) and my back.  After my continual holding and bouncing for an hour and a half of a church service yesterday, last night I told Aaron I'd have a headache today, and sure enough, at about 3 p.m. I knew it was time for me to take two excedrin.  Though not the first excedrin I've taken since she's been here, it's the first time I've taken a full dose, and boy, am I feeling it!  Whew!  I totally have that 'excedrin hangover' as I call it, but the headache is gone.  The ache in my shoulder, however, is not, which means tomorrow may be a repeat of today.  I may be using that massage, soon, that Aaron got me for Christmas. 
Anyway, there's my random life!  More to come as it happens ;)


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