Monday, May 9, 2011

Last Week In Review

I have goals and all, so I may as well be honest as to how I've done reaching them.  Here's the short of it in order by goals:

1.) Working out.  Fail.  Yep.  I failed.  I'm giving myself two days (instead of the three I was shooting for.)  I zumba'd my butt off one day, and another day Aaron and I walked the fairgrounds, me pushing the stroller.  I count that, without the weight of the stroller I was pushing around roughly 44 pounds, so that has to count for something.  No excuses, but I took on way to many organizational tasks this week.  (Although that meant that Bryton and Ansley's closet got cleaned out, I have an organizational system up in our living / dining room, and our dresser drawers got cleaned out.  Only things left to do are our closet and the kitchen cabinets.

2.) Get into the Word more by studying Ruth.  Success!  Granted, I believe I somehow studied or read some every day, some days more than others, but I believe I got what I was after in Ruth chapter 1.  Ruth 2 is up this week!

3.)  Doing something for myself by reading The Happiness Project.  Success!  In fact, as this is written, 242 pages worth of success!  And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't totally digging the book.  I have tons of ideas from it:  a huge desire to write more (if you've not noticed on the blog), keeping a one sentence journal along with our photobook I make every year, trying some new ideas, etc. etc. etc.  I tell you, more than anything, I think, it's inspired me to read again.  I really enjoy it when I can find something that interests me!

4.)  Spending time with Bryton by teaching letters and doing projects.  Success!  I won't lie, it's been a little easier than I expected this week.  Mother's day was the perfect opportunity to make something for the grandparents, so you all saw the painted flower pots.  And letter wise, I'm really trying to get the letters A-J down in May.  I want recognition by sight and for him to know his sounds.  We're doing great so far on A-D (which is all I've pushed so far), but there are some letters that aren't even perfected in his speech  yet and so I'm going to have to take that into consideration.

5.)  Be happy with the house by cleaning according to my new schedule.  Major success!  The schedule makes it so much easier to feel like I'm accomplishing things, and even though there was a day or so it was tough (we were gone all day on Thursday and I was home with the kids doing the night time routine by myself, leaving very little time to do hardwoods... but by golly I accomplished it.  It was a fast go over, but I accomplished it.)  Also - I really didn't want to vacuum on Tuesday because I wanted to wait to get my Dyson, but I did it anyway.  Even old unfaithful was better than nothing.  (BTW - got my Dyson, Tuesday will be fun!)

6.)  Social time with adults by doing 2 dates and 1 night with friends.  Ehhh, debatable.  On one hand, we've planned the night out with friends, which should take place next weekend, barring any unfavorable events.  We have not, however, done any dates yet... though I attempted to make that happen on Saturday.  Oh well, we have the rest of May.  Surely I can get two dates in in three weeks...

So - overall, I think I'm doing pretty well.  Going to hit the working out more this week... or at least going to try.  Aaron is gone more than usual this week which will effect my stress some and definitely my time.  So we'll see how it goes.

Keep posted for more blogging!  I'm really digging this! ;)

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