Sunday, May 1, 2011

Two Year Old Projects

This is one of the goals I'm nervous about.  Bryton and I do a lot of playing in the house, and I'm pretty creative, but I'm trying to figure out projects, or new things we can do together that I can do even if my attention must be taken away for a moment here and there to tend to Ansley... so I'm brainstorming and doing some research to figure out some fun things to try with Bryton this month.  This list is kind of for me to refer back to, and for you to see what I've thought of and maybe offer some other suggestions :)
So here we go:
  • Walking him to the library and getting him his first library card.  (Our library is having a magician soon... that might be fun for him!)
  • Finger painting... oh buddy. 
  • Gluing things to paper.
  • Put together fun snack ideas.  (Make patterns together, make smores, snack art, etc.)
  • Make mother's day gifts for grandmas.
  • Planting flowers
  • Do some letter coloring pages to make a book.  (Which may help learn his letters...) 
What else do you guys do with your 2 (and a half... as of Tuesday) year olds?

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  1. My Q loves finger painting, coloring and playdoh. We also made an indoor "sandbox" with an aluminum roasting pan and cornmeal. He likes to play with his trucks and plastic animals in that. Another thing he loves is baking and helping with supper. He loves to stir stuff, and smoosh bread dough, etc.