Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's May 1st

And my goals are underway!  In fact, they are so underway that I've already read the The Note to the Reader, Getting Started, and Chapter 1 of my book:

So far - I'm really impressed.  In fact - I've realized that the author and I are alike in our OCD kind of ways and in how we enjoy gratification.  I feel like I can relate to her well (and that the satisfaction that comes with being able to cross something off of my to - do list isn't near as psychotic as I felt it was). 
I'm enjoying this book so much, already, that I've added some things to my to do list... several of which will help me accomplish my goals for the month (and possibly months previous.) 

A few examples:  I have Wednesdays set as my 'tackle an organizational task' day, and I have several ideas of projects now that just may help bring me some peace by eliminating some frustrations.  Like, when the laundry is mostly done (which it should be with my new method to cleaning), I can hardly get our dresser drawers closed because the clothes are all heaped up in there.  There are just too many.  Then the big heap makes all the clothes smashed, resulting in wrinkles, and it makes me feel like the time laundering and folding was pointless.  It has annoyed me for years now, but I've never really thought there was much I could do about it.  Reading the 40 pages or so of this book made me realize that, duh, rather than be frustrated with it every time I get out a piece of wrinkled clothing or I put clothes away, cleaning out the drawers by getting rid of some things and packing some things away, maybe in some boxes that will fit under our bed, would solve the problem in what could be an hour worth of work.  (And that's just one of many organizational ideas I have at the moment.  And only one of many tips for organization I've gained from the book.  My favorite... don't put off anything that can be done in one minute or less... filing a paper, putting a bill where it goes, deciding what to do with a piece of mail, hanging a garment, etc.  It keeps clutter from developing in those 'catch all' places... which just happens to be our kitchen counter, dining room table, and hutch... all places that become eyesores very quickly.)

Another example:  I'm thoroughly considering a gym membership.  It's going to require looking at our budget again (which is also on my organizational to-do list).  It's going to be changing anyway because our health insurance is going down, but several other things have gone up, etc.  So I'm going to look through it and see if the money can be taken from anywhere (or if I need to contribute some of my blow money to it - which I would be willing to do to 'give it a shot'.)  I'll keep you all posted on this.  One month of membership may be enough to tell me if I'd stick with it or not. 

So - long story short - I'm digging the book so far.  The next chapter is on marriage, and to be honest, I'm nervous about reading it.  One of the things she strives to do that month is "don't expect praise or appreciation," and I think this is going to step all over my toes.  I need an 'atta girl' and 'thank you' from Aaron a lot (like when I spend two days basically alone with our children on days when he is normally home... ahem.  It's not that I mind him going, I just want him to acknowledge that it's a difficult task to have two kids alone for a few hours, not to mention a few days, especially during nighttime and naptime routines, and that he appreciates that I do it so he can, in this case, do extra things related to ministry.  Not to mention the fact that things we aspire to do as a family get pushed aside so he can do those things... so also a "thanks for giving me up this weekend - I promise we'll do something together as a family next weekend to make up for it" would be nice.  See, I'm needy.)  So rather than skip the chapter all together, we'll see if she has any grand ideas for me that will make me 'less needy.'  (Can you change a person's needy nature... hmmm... I'm skeptical.)

On to another goal:  I have all of my household chores written on my calendar so when they are accomplished I can cross them off.

And - I'm off to start bookmarking some commentary on the book of Ruth.  I'm trying to set myself up for success here, when I know I have days that are so hectic that the extra two minutes of work could keep me from accomplishing something. 

So here we go - you get to watch while I try to accomplish these things!  (I also learned in my book that the "Hawthorne Effect" comes into play here, as I'm using you all as motivation to accomplish my goals as I know you all are reading and watching my progress.  Crazy how all of these things play in. :)

So - here's to motivation ;)


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