Monday, May 2, 2011

In Thinking About My 'Happiness Project'

As well as getting rid of things that frustrate or annoy me and can hinder my happiness (think those dresser drawers I mentioned in yesterday's post), I've began to notice small things in everyday life that take just a small amount of time and contribute to my happiness.  So I've decided to start a list.  My hopes are that when you see some of the simple things that make my list, you'll notice the things in your life that make you happy as well, and can be proactive in doing those things to boost your mood! 

So here it goes:  (This list is not all inclusive, but is the short of what I've come up with so far, and give me a break, I'm like three days into this now ;)

1.)  Lotion that smells good!  Right now it is Victoria Secret's Aloha Pink Vibrant and Beachy!  I put it on everyday after I shower! 

2.) Spend time outside, even if it's just 10 minutes and even if it isn't sunny.  I don't know what it is, but it just makes me feel better.

3.)  Do something to get some huge smiles out of Bryton.  I mean, how can that face not make you happy?  It's contagious!

See!  This picture is totally unstaged - B did smile for the camera, but I didn't even know I was in the picture... look at me cheese!  There's something about the witnessing your kids experience the simple joys in life!

4.)  Make sure the house is picked up every night before bed.  It starts the next day off fresh. 

5.) Along with lotion, make up, hair that is not in a pony tail (any form of down is fine), and a shirt that is not a t-shirt (even if it's with a pair of jeans or jeans shorts) can completely change how I feel about myself that day.  If the time exists it is well worth the effort!  And I'm sure Aaron appreciates it too!

6.)  Get my eyebrows waxed.  Sure, at this point in life it's a complete headache trying to find the time to get in and have it done, but my makeup just 'wears' better when my eyebrows are cleaned up.  And I'll admit, it's going on 12 or 15 weeks since I've had it done... bleh.  I can tell how much it effects my happiness as I think about it needing to be done every day.

7.) Get the dishes out of the sink.  In other words, one of my first chores of the day needs to be to empty the dishwasher so that all dirty stuff can be rinsed and go straight in.  It's part of the 'decluttering' thing.

8.)  Making the house smell good!  Oooh la la SCENTSY!  Not only do I love the look of my burners when they are on, I'm loving my scents right now!  I love walking from room to room and being refreshed by something as simple as smell!  I'm so into the stuff that I'm thinking about selling it! 
This is one of my burners, and it currently houses Kahiko Hula... my new favorite ;) I bought my mom a Yankee Candle the other day in Bahama Breeze... and it is quite lovely as well!

And lastly - for now:

9.)  Music.  I even put this on my facebook status the other day.  Life is just better when lived to music.  I don't know, it kind of makes me feel like I'm in a movie or something.  It makes you feel a certain way.  I love deeper, dance like crazy with Bryton, think on Jesus a whole lot more, and am probably much more pleasant to be around.  Before Ansley got here Bryton and I watched very little tv and listened to a whole lot of music.  I may set a 'no tv in the morning' rule again and listen to music all morning.  Besides Mickey there's nothing on tv anyway... and we've definitely seen all of those!

So - what are your happy contributors?  I'd love to hear what works for you!  I've found it makes such a huge difference to my day just to imply as many of them as I can!  I catch myself smiling a lot more! 


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  1. My short list:
    1.) clean sheets fresh out of the dryer! even better if they're off the line!

    2.) popsicles...reminds me of hot summer nights at my grandparents house catching lightning bugs.

    3.) smelly good shampoo--just makes ya feel girly!