Monday, May 16, 2011

Another Blog in Pictures

I finally cleaned everything off of my mac and put it onto my LaCie - which means, I have room for more pictures!  Yippee!  So in honor of the occasion, here's my life in pictures in the last few weeks. 

We dedicated Ansley on Mother's Day.  I understood the idea of doing this and took my responsibilities very seriously when Bryton was born, but this time around, I understand the importance and what it will require of me to raise my children up in a Christian household.  It means not acting out in anger when my 2 year old throws a fit.  It means disciplining even when it isn't convenient.  It means loving when I'm exhausted.  It means family time in God's word, and taking time to pray with my children every day.  It means living my life in such a way that I reflect onto my children the very glory of God.  It means continually growing in my own faith.  It means passing it on from generation to generation... and this picture was us promising to fulfill such responsibilities.  Our church promised to aid us in doing so.

This is handsome child number 1 during the service.  I can't believe it was only 2 1/2 short years ago that he was the little baby in my arms.  

And here is lovely offspring number 2 - Ansey Mak basking in her sunshine.  We have had the opportunity to spend a lot of time outside, until the last few days when it decided to drop about 20 degrees again.  Oh, and since my children decided to start the sniffling, sneezing, and coughing again.  I'm  sooooo incredibly tired of these awful allergies!  

And here is sweet baby child with her flower power headband and her precious little face.  Love those little cheeks! 

It seems like she constantly has her tongue out.  

Here's Bryton with one of our projects for the month.  Those there green specs are some flowers we're a' growin'.  Granted, this is about 20 seconds after Bryton decided to tear the leaves off of one said flower.  Hoy hum, boys will be boys I suppose. 

And here is my sweet girl and her new little smile.  Everyday we are seeing more smiling and laughing out of her, and I swear she's trying to talk to us.  I think she's going to be like her mom, talking all the time!

And here was my mother's day present!  Aaron did well this year.  I helped only by telling him I wanted a piece of 'mom jewelry' (not to be confused with 'mom jeans', which I have no intentions of ever wearing - ahem) and sending him to the etsy website.  He did all of the rest on his own, and he did well!  I love it!  (P.S. - Please don't mind the white skin.  This white girl needs sun, but I don't think my neighbors or the community driving by want to see my white, post pregnant butt laying out in my driveway since we have no yard.  Ugh - to get a house with a yard and a third bedroom.)

And here are our outside problem areas.  Above you see the aforementioned landscaping project.  We are not in love with these bushes, so, they have to go.  The question is... what do we put in their place.  Hmmm.  I guess we'll tear them out first and see what we have behind.  Any suggestions as to what to put in their place?

And this picture is of the wretched back porch.  Yes, I said wretched.  There are so many things wrong with it we don't even know where to start.  We hate how 'closed in' it looks.  We hate the sidewalk, and now that I mention it, we hate the foliage too.  I say foliage because it is simply weeds that are the green that you see back here.  Ugh.  I hate the underneath of the 'porch', and I hate that the dumb porch is up on concrete blocks like those used in the foundation.  We'd love this to be completely different, but have no ideas as to how to do it.  Help!  


  1. I would say some nice colorful azaleas in the front if you want color. If not, some hostas - they are very hardy and like shade. In the back, I vote for tearing out your sidewalk, putting white lattice up to cover the concrete block and the open space, then lay down some landscaping fabric all over and either put some small plants or bury some terracotta pots for you to plant flowers every season. Then lay some rock or mulch over the landscaping fabric. Maybe I should post a pic of the front of the house for ideas!! haha....Shel

  2. i am much more high i was going, "well you could demolish the porch and put in a patio and some stairs!" but this is the girl who basically accidentally remodeled her living and dining rooms (we intended to use what was existing, and then couldn't, lol).

    i do like my hostas - i didn't kill them, and they came back this year. those are both good things. :)

  3. Haha gotta say the "mom jeans" comment made me laugh.out.loud. And the post-pregnancy tanning one. However, you have lovely skin and the verbage cracked me up.
    I love my irises--they aren't the most gorgeous flower, but they're hardy and faithful. That would make a perfect bed for them! I've had a bed of them for 5ish years and haven't done much work--and haven't killed them. :) They come up different colors every year, and I just have to weedeat them and cover them with straw in the fall. I even forgot to cover them one year and they still came back :) I'm hooked.

  4. Ohhhh you girls rock! And all of those sound good! And Sarah - don't feel bad, we want to rip that porch down too! We just aren't sure if we can build the stairs like we want with it being soooo close to the garage... hmmmmm... i've gotta go look up some of these flowers...

  5. Another idea - is it financially possible to attach the back porch to the garage? That would be so convienent in the winter time! - Shelly (my work puter is being weird with signing in)

  6. Loved this post! I'm a white girl, too, so don't be sad. I'm a huge fan of Knock-Out roses (bushing, resilient and purdy!) as well as crepe myrtles. LOVE those. You can get dwarf varieties, too. Your kiddos are adorable, and I love your mothers day necklace!

  7. Awww thanks LeAnna! And I'm checking out all of these flowers ya'll are sending my way!