Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Go check it out here.  Seriously, it's revolutionizing my life right now!  I had this lofty montly goal to start exercising more (got to fit into those jeans that I love so much!), a friend (thanks, again, Shelly) sent me this website, and I signed up more to just check it out.  Long story short, I'm hooked. 

The website figures your weight, your goal weight, and how often you work out etc., calculates it all down and tells you what your caloric intake should be during the day.  (Broken all the way down into calories, carbs, protein, etc.)  You can type your foods into a search bar and they are already there for you with the calories sanctioned out.  AND - you add all of your workouts in, including light housecleaning, I may add, and it will deduct the number of calories burned, so at the end of the day you know exactly where you stand. 

I even jumped ahead to tonight's dinner (I'm making tacos, yummo), and put that in so that I could get an idea of what I had left to play with as far as calories, etc, for lunch and snacks during the day.

I've also found it's made me rethink some of my snack choices, like, "Hmmm, do I really need those trolli octopus'?  Nope." 

So anyway - a random and short blog, but I seriously think you should go check it out! 


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