Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sharing the Blog Love

So, typically, if you find someone, like myself, who loves to blog, you can probably assume that they love to blog read as well.  That assumption would be spot on with me!  I check coupon blogs often, not as much as I used to, but I've streamlined to find some of my favorites.  So all in all, here I am sharing with you my most frequented blogs :)  I hope you enjoy as much as I do! 

For couponing:
Hip 2 Save
Good for all kinds of couponing.

Southern Savers
Good for grocery shopping kinds of couponing.  Does all of the hard work for you!

I have several other listed on the left that I visit often, but no longer frequent like I used to.

For crafty blogs:
You have to check out Dana's blog!  She makes some incredible things.  (And takes incredible pictures of the things she makes.)  I love checking her blog and coveting the abilities she has to make things :)

Homemade Ginger
Ditto everything I said about Made.  She's extra crafty and throws together all kinds of things.  Not to mention her kids names are just so cute!

For Just to Read blogs:
Skimming Proverbs
My friend Sarah's blog.  She's getting ready to have a baby, and by golly, it's a very joyous occasion!

Molly Piper's Blog
So she's John Piper's daughter in law, which has to count for something, and she's always got something interesting to say about her 4 children!

Thoughts N Whatnots
Another everyday mom blog.  I love reading about her kiddos!  She takes awesome pictures too!  (And has cute kid names!!)

So there ya have it - I love when people read my blogs, and I get great gratification from it, so I thought I'd spread the love a little ;)



  1. Thanks for the shout out! I'm going to check out some of those crafty blogs, I'm always up for ideas!

    I always enjoy reading your blog, too. Expect as I've mentioned before, you always really make me wish there was a Kroger near by, haha! How are you liking your Dyson???

  2. LOVE my Dyson! And love that I can use it on our hardwood too! I just ran out of swiffer dry cloths and was like, 'well look at that, I don't have to buy them anymore!" :)

  3. awww thanks. :) it is indeed a joyous occasion!

    p.s. - everyone LOVES the invites. they are too cute. :)