Wednesday, May 4, 2011

In the Lineage of Christ

I'm learning a great deal about Ruth.  Being from Moab, we've established that she worshiped Chemosh, obviously not the "God" worshiped by Naomi.  We have also established that Ruth forsakes the entire life she knows to stay with Naomi and even converts to her religion (by worshiping our God, of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.)
That being said, it's amazing how the workings of God in our lives, though sometimes painful, can bring about such blessing.  The loss of Ruth's husband and father in law drove her to accompany Naomi to her homeland.  What must have been a devastating time in the loss of her most important relationship in her life, resulted in only the best possible relationship in her life... a relationship with God.
Furthermore - later on we'll find out that Ruth becomes the great - grandmother of 'the man after God's own heart', David, and is also in the lineage of Jesus Christ. 
A woman not even born 'of the faith' becomes a part of Jesus' ancestry!  Isn't it an amazing journey that God brings us upon to bring us into His family!  He'll go to all lengths to get to us!  Even more amazing, this God who loves us does so without any social or cultural bias.  He doesn't care about social status, financial status, birth order, or even religion.  He pursues us and is excited to be in relationship with us. 
It's exciting to see that God uses even the poorest of circumstances to bless us.  It offers encouragement when we, ourselves, face those tragic times.


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