Thursday, May 26, 2011

I've Always Liked to Write

So.  Apparently I've always liked to write.  Apparently I haven't always been very good at it either...

Just the other night my mom ran across a journal I kept in 1st grade.  Yep, 1st grade.  I'm sure it was a mandatory journal from my 1st grade class, but reading through it was humorous.  So to share the humor, I'm going to randomly share some 1991 / 1992 journal entries with you all periodically.  Here are a few to start out: (Please note that journal entries will always be written as they are written in my notebook.  I'll translate if needed ;)

- (No date) "When we go to the Polls today I thag At I will see Mi MoM and DaD"
Translation:  When we go to the polls today, I think that I will see my mom and dad.  
(I have a very nice picture of my parents drawn at the bottom where my mom is wearing a nice peach dress, has no feet, large ears and thick arms.  My dad on the other hand is apparently wearing a flannel shirt and pants, has feet, but they somewhat resemble his mouth, which resembles a glazed doughnut.)

- (January 8, 1992) "To day I Wos bod be cos I did not have fun  The end"
Translation:  (As best as I can gather) Today I was bad, because I did not have fun.  The End.
(No such funny picture with this entry.  I must have really been having a rough day.)

And to end this humorous post (I'll do this often, it's fun) - here's a doozy (sorry, Casey :)

- (January 16, 1992) "Today casey wos not Keeping his hns and feet and obshs to his sov. 
                                  The end
                         and I did not have fun
                     Now thta is The end.
                     oh and do you no weo he did that?"
Translation:  Today Casey was not keeping his hands and feet and objects to his self.  The end.  And I did not have fun.  Now that is the end.  Alicia Crawford.  Oh and do you know why he did that?
(No funny picture with this one either, darn.)

Until we timewarp again...

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  1. I think it's awesome she kept these! Tooo funny! I think I have a journal from 3rd or 4th grade, I should dig that up. ;)