Thursday, May 12, 2011

Another Day, Another Random Post

Yes, I have so many random thoughts floating through my head that I have to put them somewhere, or else I'll be one of those crazy people with 100 facebook status updates in the spanse of an hour.

1.  Random thought number 1 is more of a piece of advice:  for those of you who are parents with kids still in carseat carriers, in the event of a trip to a grocery store, make sure while checking out you check underneath the said carrier for merchandise that may have slid down during the cart ride to the check out lane, lest you have to go back in and pay for the aluminum foil that you noticed only after unloading both of your children back into their appropriate places in the car.  *ahem*

2.  I was at the previously mentioned grocery store to buy my new binder and plastic inserts for my magazine articles and family traditions.  While surveying the office supply aisle, my personal favorite, I found a pretty 18 month notebook calendar that my type a subconscious just could not live without, so, I bought it.  I'm the only person I know who could spend all of my blow money in the office supply aisle, and I don't even own an office. 

3.  Ansley had the best possible day yesterday, ever, I'm pretty sure.  She put herself down for each of her naps, put herself back to sleep after the intruder during both big naps (with no crying), and then went down with 0 fuss for bed at 7:15 or so.  Then, she slept until 7:15 this morning with no intervention from us.  A-mazing! We won't talk about today.  *cough cough*

4.  I took Bryton to the park today while we were out, and I learned two things. 
       a. It really is enjoyable to be out there during the day.  I fed Ansley, Bryton played.  Success!
       b. Bryton really needs to be around other kids more often.  He's gone from social butterfly to socially awkward around kids his own age.  Playdates anyone?

5.  I'm thoroughly considering chopping my hair off.  Okay, only to my shoulders, and I'm kind of thinking this on a whim so who knows whether I'll actually do it, but with my hair longer than it's been since we got married, it's hard to bring myself to do it.  What do you guys think?

6.  I love my mac, and if you know me,  you know my mantra: Once you go mac, you never go back.  (Hardy har har), but said mac is all filled up so we'll be setting up a blind date between Mr. Mac and LaCie, our new external hard drive.  Once that happens I'll be able to put some more pictures on this lovely blog of mine. 

7.  By golly - I get the date with my husband tomorrow!!!  A sweet Hill girl is watching our lovely offspring while husband and I do some landscaping soul searching (aka - going to Home Depot to check out their outside flowering wonderments), doing some shopping for the youth group at Sams and maybe eating at Taco Johns??? :) Hint Hint hubs!  I'm a cheap date if Taco Johns is nearby! ;)

8.  Another note to self, when needing to carry something into the house after your children have already been taken inside either a.) make sure your children are strapped down to a heavy piece of furniture, or b.) take my keys with me.  Yes, today Bryton got a good laugh about locking his mom out of the house.  He was staring at me through the kitchen door, Ansley was asleep in her carrier still, and I could see my phone and keys sitting on the counter.  Good thing he was a fine sir and unlocked it... this time... yeesh.

Until more random thoughts come...

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