Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Update On Ansley

Since she's two months old and all ;)

She had her doctor's appointment on Tuesday and had, *gasp*, 4 vaccinations... three shots and one oral. 
I hate those doctor's appointments.  I always feel guilty for being excited about seeing how much she's grown and how she's doing and to ask the doctor the 1,000 questions I've been writing down since, well, she was born, only to have her end up hurting and unhappy.  But we made it. 

I vaguely remembered this time period with Bryton, and the only thing that stopped the crying with him was a bottle already prepared, whether he was hungry or not.  Ansley has been much different than Bryton with some things, like taking a paci.  If she's screaming, there's a great chance that a paci alone isn't going to calm her.  She wants something, and it's probably not just the pacifier.   So who knew whether this bottle trick would work with her...

But it did... thank goodness, because that little girl has some lungs on her, and a mouth as big as of her mommas (as if that is possible) when she is wailing.  It's so hard when she starts screaming after the first one, and you have to sit and just watch her scream why they continue to poke her.  You try to tell yourself the whole time it's for their own good. 

Did I mention Bryton was in the room?  Aaron tried to block him from the action.  May have been a bad move on our part, as he's a little squeamish at the doctor's office now anyway, not bad, just hesitant.  Like yesterday, when the doctor walked in, Bryton smiled and said 'hi', all while doing a little dance and backing himself into the corner of the room.  It was quite funny.

Anyway - back to Ansley.  So, she's still a hoss.  95% in weight, at 13 pounds 11 ounces, 97% in length at 25 inches long, and apparently she's got a tiny head at 25%.  Hips look good, which is refreshing, as they say that's one of the big problems with big ole babies, and everything else seemed to look good as well.  She seemed to enjoy the doctor, just not the nurse.  :)

And so far - no fever or apparent reactions to the shots.  Bryton never really had any of that either, so I'm hoping that's in the cards for her as well. 

Got a lot going on as far as goals and such to update you on as the week unfolds, and I have a picture blog coming up, I promise.   Going to put a lot of random shots on ;)  (Including some of the project that Bryton and I completed this week!  Go us!)  And I'll also end the week with more on Ruth.  Going to try to save all the little nuggets for one final Ruth 1 blog. 

But as for now, I'm signing off.  This mother is tired, and we have a big day tomorrow taking Bryton to a Cardinal game!  Woot woot!  Let's hope they win!

Until next time -

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