Thursday, August 18, 2011

Who Needs a Reason for a Random Post?

I don't.

1.)  The Hubs' is officially 40.  4 - 0.  Seriously, it's on his birthday every year that I notice our age difference.  I can remember when my mom turned 40... weird ;)

2.) Ansley is picking up toys now and playing with them.  And I even caught her bouncing (yep, actually bouncing) in her jumper.  Who woulda thought?  And where does the time go?!

(I just love that face)

3.)  Remember the ESV study Bible that I was trying not to make an idol several posts back?  It's in, and I love it.  May have to get a smaller, plain ESV to carry around though.  A friend even joked that some of these ESV Study Bibles would make adequate protection in a storm ;) 
4.)  Speaking of Ansley, she's become a side / tummy sleeper.  Somehow she manages to get to those positions from her back in the confinements of her sleep positioner (that, yes, I still use despite SIDS warnings.)  For some reason she's enjoying sleeping with her face down in the mattress.  Err... just another way to make momma worry. 

5.) Um - confession.  I've been packing up a lot of - dare I say - crap in the house lately.  Stuff we just don't need - stuff that just sits around - stuff that is just something else for me to clean.  And quite frankly - the kids have enough stuff that they actually use right now, I don't need all of mine out that I don't use.  And here's the confession part:  today I went through my closet.  I tried to mentally prepare myself for it.  I knew it wouldn't be fun.  But I tell you what, it's confirmation that Ansley did a number on this body.  Sure - maybe it's that I was two years older having her than I was having Bryton.  Maybe it's that it was a second pregnancy and things take longer to 'go back' (I'm gripping onto that one as hard as I can), or maybe, and this is my guess, is the fact that carrying around 10+ pounds worth of child has a tendency to stretch a girl out.  Just sayin'.  One way or another - I mentally came to grips with getting rid of over half my clothes in my closet (about half of those that were 'hopefuls' after Bryton came - not so much because they didn't fit - just because they didn't fit my hips anymore.)  So there ya go.  I may go cry a river now.  Just kidding.  Kind of.  

It's a good thing I had her sitting in her Bumbo while I was trying all of these articles on.  At least I could look at her and think, "Yeah - you're worth it."  (Although her little mischievous smile kinda irked me a little.  Like she did it on purpose or something...)

6.)  I've been amazed at Bryton lately.  He's learning so many new skills, especially socially, that he's never really expressed before.  He's been wanting to play a lot with us... asking us if he can pitch the ball to us or asking us to play trains with him.  He even played with a little girl at the park the other day.  And his language is getting so much more in depth.  He's totally getting his pronouns down, and he's putting his own words together to make his own phrases, not so much just things he's heard before.  It's very interesting to hear what he has to say.  I can't believe I'm planning a three year old birthday party.  Three?  Seriously?  I'm already worried about empty nesting.  For real. 

7.) Can you say 'hoodies, football, pumpkins, s'mores, leaves, and cooler weather?"  Go ahead - give it a shot, because those are the things I'm reaching for now!  Awww - bliss.  My favorite season of the year... September - December. :)  (If you can call that a season.)

So there ya go - there's my random collection of thoughts.  

Maybe if I'll go through the kids' closets now...


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  1. Adorable sweet girl you have! She looks like her Bubba in that picture. I hear ya on the closet thing. I went through mine after Q's amazing how even though you can get back to a pre-preg weight, nothing ever fits the same. I was down to one measly rack in my closet. ONE. Ahhh, but they're worth it. :)