Saturday, August 13, 2011

AHHH! Finally!

I'm normally an awful secret keeper... an even a worse liar.  And for the past - oh - 6 months or so I've had to be both.  (Especially in the last month or so.)

So finally I get to vomit the excitement all over my blog!  (Because I've wanted to write about this all over my motivation Mondays and it was the culmination of my Mystery History blogs, plus I've wanted to write about TONS of party planning ideas.) My hubs is turning 40, and today was his SURPRISE birthday party.  In fact, as this is posting, he is being surprised ;)  Fun, huh!?

In January I decided I had to do something special for his 40th.  It started with a trip away for the two of us (and maybe a couple friends), but then I thought, that's something we may do anyway... and I started investigating the idea of inviting a ton of his friends (ahem - and he has a ton) and having a big 'ole' shindig.  And that idea stuck.

So for months now I've been planning and buying things here and there, stashing stuff around the house (not like we have much room to hide things) and at my parent's house... and this week, well, let's just say that I've been to the store about 100 times (with two kids, by myself), I've baked and iced 100+ cupcakes (without him knowing about it, yeah, I'm good), found a place to have it if it rains, and got a whole shibang worked up to get him there unexpectedly.

I'm excited.  Can you tell? :)

I love him dearly and wanted something memorable for him.  You only turn 40 once, ya know.

So we are spending the night celebrating where God has brought him in this 40 years, and praying for about 60 more ;)

I'll be posting pics soon.  I'll leave you with a list of fabrications I've had to make up to keep him unaware:

  • I knew the house would smell like cupcakes when he came home this week - and I knew B would totally spill the beans about baking cupcakes when Aaron asked him what he'd done during the day.  So I told him that we baked cupcakes for something to do and took them to my dad's business and to my parent's house.  (Which we did the latter - where am I going to store 100+ cupcakes in our house without him seeing them???)
  • I filled two of our coolers up with soda and water and took them to my parent's to cover with ice.  I told him my dad was having a field trial and couldn't find his cooler so he borrowed ours.  (I knew he'd notice them gone from our garage.)
  • A friend of ours has been planning a bike ride with Aaron and B to get him to the pavilion that his party will be held at. 
  • I've told him that I'm going shopping with my mom in the hours before the party because I'll have to have time to set up at some point. 
  • One day I told him the cupcake smell was a Scentsy Bar that I'd had burning ;) 
  • I told him I was doing Scentsy stuff online while I was really getting 1000 messages sent out about party stuff. 
  • And on top of those - tons of little spiders of the bigger lies ;)  
I'm glad to stop the fabrication ;) But it was fun!

Until next time - Happy Early 40th, babe ;) GOTCHA!


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