Monday, August 8, 2011

Motivate Me Monday

Whew.  Finally home, so today has been busy and we have spent almost all day (minus the two hours of driving this morning) trying to get the house cleaned up, laundry started, the house cooled back down, and our mail and packages gone through.  (Ahem - I shop for cheap, right?  We have several packages throughout the week.) 

So - I feel like we spent a great deal of time today doing all of the things that I'd have on this list, but believe it or not, there is more.  I'm serious.  There's more to mention than I can list here, but let's just say you're going to watch the blog as the week and weekend move along.  I should be much more blog attentive this week, and there's some secret missions and all going on here ;)

That being said, here's the just of the week:

  • I'm on a mission for a cute, inexpensive outfit for Ansley for six month pictures.  *GASP*  My baby is almost six months old.  
  • I have Scentsy business to take care of this week.  
  • I'm getting a chore chart made up for Bryton this week.  I would have never expected this to be this difficult.  It's so hard finding a balance between having things he can do (as a two year old, none the less) to earn some extra money to learn how to give, save and spend, but also know that there are some things he does because he is part of this family.  It's time to get it going, though, for sure. 
  • The rest of the week will be 'resettling' - getting schedules back, laundry done, bills paid, you know, all of the normal household managing things.    
So that's my week... should be more in depth posts this week!



  1. Nothing like organizing the chaos after a weekend away! Had to laugh at your "packages" comment. My Hubby is always asking what's in the mail "this time" - haha! Hey, those deal a day sites save us money in the long run.......

    I just know it.


  2. AMEN sister! Aaron asks the same thing! :) LOL - he's come to realize that most things that come I'm getting for free or way cheaper than what I'd buy them in the store (and that we really do need them... B was on his last leg of tennis shoes... so that was one of the packages that came this week ;)