Sunday, August 21, 2011

Trying to Remember

Discipline is not a crushing of spirit and an expression of control.  It is discipleship that leads to obedience to God first and then to parents, with the ultimate goal being the Glory of God displayed.

And it's hard to remember.

It took me 15 minutes to write those two lines because I was taking an utterly disobedient two year old back to his bed over and over (and over) again, for probably the 10th time while he should be napping (or at least resting).

And let's be honest, it's easier to crush them (not physically, of course).  It's easier to spank them.  It's easier to defeat them and be successful.  But that's not discipline.

Discipline that results in discipleship is not the type that puts me in control of you - no, discipleship says, "Son, I've been there, and there's a better way.  This disobedient path leads to trouble... obey and allow God to receive glory."

Off to take him to bed... yet again...



  1. I needed to read this. :sigh:

  2. I feel you on the sigh. It's a patience killer for sure. And exhausting.