Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm Behind - Motivate Me Tuesday

I'm very behind blogging.  Give me a week or so and I may be able to explain the whirlwind of events surrounding us, but for now, the brief synopsis of what has been demanding of my time and energy in the past few days have been:
  • Hometown state fair (parade one night, fair the next night)
  • Fighting allergies from said fair (Saturday through current)
  • Prompt Care for said allergies (Helllllo steroid pills!)
  • Scentsy party yester-evening in which I made enough Taco Soup to feed a large army.
And that pretty much sums up the small stuff.

So my Motivation Monday comes on Tuesday, not because I lack motivation, but apparently because I'm too motivated getting stuff done to blog.  Good thing?  Yeah, but the allergies don't help.

So - here's what remains on the list:

  1.  I have two Scentsy parties to close.  One really needs to be closed today, one on Thursday.  
  2. I'm packing, yet again, for another big family adventure this holiday weekend.  That means two things, a pack list needs to be written and laundry needs to be done! (Um - by tomorrow...hmm)
  3. I have two more bills left to pay and all of our bills and menu planning is done for the next 15 days.
  4. Get packed.  
Phew.  You know - with allergies and a weekend away, that's the end of what I'm requiring of myself this week.  I'll clean house and regroup when Monday rolls around!

And I promise to get bloggin' some more!  I'm reading this amazing book (thanks Jen!) that I have 1,000 thoughts to share about, so we'll have to make that happen at some point!

Until then!

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