Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What do you do on a hot summer day?

When you have no pool, yard, or real amount of shade?

Apparently, you play in a cooler.  At least that's what we do in our family.  As it started, I just intended to fill up the cooler and let Bryton play with cups and pitchers and such.  When I turned around from putting the hose down I saw this...

And he was totally stoked about it.  It was hot, folks, so who was I to rain on his parade?  

He pretty much took care of gettin' himself wet...

And he loved every minute of it...

Even dumping all of the water through the space in between the lid was amusing to him.  I had to fill the cooler up three times.  Oh well - it was hot. 

What do you do to cool off when it's hot out?  


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