Friday, August 26, 2011

So I'm Not THAT Old... am i?

I feel like I graduated high school yesterday.  No, I really do.  The six years of marriage, bachelor's degree and two kids still don't make me feel like I'm nearing my late twenties.  Ahem, *cough cough*.  

How did that happen?!  Late twenties?  That's like - almost thirty.  I know it is.  

But I know I'm getting old.  You know why?  The youth girls remind me all of the time while they talk about teachers and schedules and principals etc.  Same town, same high school, yet everything is different.  Even the teachers I loved that are still there - they hate.  (And visca versa.)  

Classes have changed.  Requirements have changed.  Teachers have changed.  Even scheduling has changed.  Principals have changed (twice).  And I catch myself saying, "Wow, well, when I was in school we did it this way," or, "So and so taught that," or "Well that's not how I remember it."  And I swear I'm in my 80's and I walked uphill to school both ways in three feet of snow.  

When did I get OLD?

There was once a time where I believed that my kids would go to my school and have some of my old teachers.  (Do you know how many times I had teachers say, "OH - you are so-in-so's daughter!  I had him in school when he was your age!  Do you also know how annoying that was?)  

Maybe that's why none of my teachers are left in the school.  Maybe the baby boomers are all retiring and the new young lads (many are *gasp* younger than I) are taking over.  

Who knows?  All I know is this:  the late twenties are looming, but I'm not gonna let on.  


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