Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday's To Do

This is helping me prioritize my time.

I actually did quite well yesterday with my goals, but when I got in to picking up the house, I went into major overhaul mode.  What that really means is I decided that I wanted to get so far in depth in it that I began to lack motivation, knowing that the light pick up I had time for would never satisfy me.  So - that being said, today I start the Gregg house overhaul:  Going through every room and asking myself, "Why do we have this?" and seeing if it makes the cut or not.  I see lots of our 'crap' posted on facebook to be someone else's treasure soon. 

We'll see how it goes.

I, obviously, don't expect to get this done today, but would like to get a room done every day or so.  I dread the basement... dread it I tell you.

Anyway - also on my to do list - a promise to blog about something besides what I'm doing during the day. 

It's coming.  Promise.


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