Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Season After My Heart

I love fall.  No, really, I do. 

IN fact - I think it's safe to say that I love September - December.  Every blasted bit of it.

Every warm September day.

Every cold dreary December snow.

I love it all.

So by the time the end of August is amongst us (we - here - all know because our fair welcomes in our fall season and signals the end of summer), I'm breaking out the hoodies and getting the house smellin' all fall like.  (I have Autumn Sunset in my warmer burning right now, but only until I get my samples of pumpkin marshmallow.  YUM!) 

I swear I'm like a kid.  I really do start to get this giddy feeling inside as the temperature starts to cool some.  (And remember, I do not love cold weather.)  I just love the season that brings in Christmas. 

It's like my own little slice of seasonal heaven. 

I could really ramble about it forever.  I love the football games and wearing jeans again.  I love hoodies and s'mores and bonfires and falling leaves.  I love Christmas shopping and dressing up for Halloween.  I love sweaters and sock hats.  I love the shimmering lights at Christmas time.

I love picking apples and having crock pot dinners.  I love a good soup or a good chili.  I love pumpkin... carving them, decorating with them, eating them.  You name it. 

And so today - I'm immersed in fall.  Not because it's overly cool.  Not because the leaves are changing.  But because every sign I've ever known in my life signals that it's coming... it hints that it's around the corner.  And I'm ready.  Boy am I ready.


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