Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Hubs' is 40

And I pulled off a surprise birthday party... somehow.  Well - I'll tell you how.  I lied my butt off.  (I wish that was possible, because if it was - I'd say "I lied my baby belly off" :)  anyway...)

I mean - you don't do paperwork for a venue, invite over 100 people (who all kept quiet by the way), buy decor and stuff to make cupcakes, prepare said cupcakes (and then hide them and every trace of them), and make plans to get him at said event without lying.  Yeah - I'll admit - I lied a lot. 

But - I think it was worth it this once ;) (Or until he turns 50... maybe 51, since 50 may be a dead giveaway.) 

So here's a little of the day in pictures:


Over 100 cupcakes prepared for the big day.  The ever so famous Oreo, Smores, Tropical (pineapple with coconut icing) and strawberry.

Strawberry Cupcakes

S'more Cupcakes

Tropical Cupcakes - you aren't going to believe it, but I injured my finger getting the dumb rubber bands off of each of these umbrellas.  Pulled the skin away from the finger nail underneath.  OUCH!

Oreo.  Note to self:  Either a.) Smash up cookies extra extra good or b.) Forget piping icing onto them.  Don't even bother using a tip.

Did I add that we made him ride his bike to his birthday party?  Yep - totally roped him in ;) 
(I'm sure he loved that he was all hot and sweaty showing up for it!) 

Bryton earned 4 'monies' (or quarters in adult language) by picking up all of the streamer parts of the poppers.

Adam and Bryan packed up Adam's grill to heat up some mean hot dogs.

And great fun was had by all.  

Especially by little boys with paper lanterns.  :) 

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