Thursday, August 25, 2011

Snowboots and Hooded Towels

So - last Sunday night Bryton went to church like this:

Ok - not exactly like that.  He did have on pants to go to church, but his Thomas the Train snowboots have become a popular piece in his attire.   Good thing it was 'pie night' at church and not something uber serious.  

You know, we really thought we would miss that stage.  You know, that stage?  The stage where kids want to wear some random thing or some random combinations of things all of the time.  I must have been naive, or hopeful, but I was wrong.  He has a new pair of rainboots and a new pair of sandals, and somehow, lined snowboots (that are almost too small) win him over.  This picture has "Happy 16th Birthday, B" written all over it ;)  

And, have I mentioned that there is nothing cuter (besides a little boy in no pants and snowboots, mind you) than a naked baby post bath.  Nothing.  They smell good.  There is hooded towels involved and rubber duckies, and cute little baby feet with soft skin.  Refreshing.  So I try to keep the naked pictures to a minimum - but here is a towel clad Ans just moments after her favorite thing (besides eating)... bathtime! 

You know.  Somedays you just need pictures of kids in goofy clothes and hooded towels.  Makes the day a little brighter. 

The end... for now.


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  1. you know how i feel about hooded towels - LOVE them.

    and my brother used to run around in boots and shorts! lol. boys. ;)