Saturday, August 6, 2011

6 Years Ago, the 6th

The Lord made us one.  We promised forever.  To have and to hold.  To cherish.  To love deeply.  To weep together.  To rejoice together.  To do life together.  And - without me knowing it - to learn an inner depth of God's heart learned only through marriage.

The Lord has taught me - as I can only speak for myself - a wealth about His love and His character through this entire idea of marriage.

He's taught me what sacrifice looks like.

He's taught me how to love despite circumstances.

He's taught me the idea of Christ's love for His bride.

He's taught me that if you go to great lengths to bridge great divides, the result is a stronger, more trusting relationship.

He's allowed me to see the yuck that is sinfulness within myself.

He's allowed me to grow in respect and submission.

He's allowed me the privilege to see first hand how commitment must look.

And He's shown me the importance of one holy love, not being able to love one without hating another.  One man.  One woman.  Loving Jesus forever, together.  All for the glory of God.

So glad to call you husband, babe.  Love you more today than you could know.

-Alicia Marie

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