Wednesday, August 31, 2011

one thousand gifts

A dear friend let me borrow what is looking like may be an incredible read.  At least, it has been so far, and I'm only on page 49.  She told me over and over after reading some of my blog posts, "You have to read this book," and I'm so glad that I am.

The whole idea is that we should 'dare to live fully right where we are,' even if that is in the middle of 6 month old and 2 year old mayhem, as I am every day. 

And the 1000 gifts - let's just say it comes from the idea of noticing the little things that you appreciate through the day, the things that make your life a little better, the things you wouldn't want to go without.  As I've read through the book (all 49 pages so far, ahem), I've caught myself being more attuned to the gifts around me.  A few examples?

  • We had a mix-up with a sitter last night when the hubs and I were supposed to be going out to gorge ourselves at the local fair (yum!).  We didn't want to take kids this time due to allergy season being in full swing.  When there was a mix up with the sitter and I had nothing prepared for supper, we packed kids up anyway and went.  I wouldn't have traded last night for the world.  Had a great time piggy back ridin' and ride ridin' and jumping with Bryton.  Was a remarkable family fun night. 
  • Watching Bryton dance to our Ipod this morning. 
  • Ansley's laughter and how her eyes light up around her brother. 
  • Bryton wanting to be with her.
  • The taste of a lemon shake up - for real. 
  • The feel of the sheets on our bed at night. 
  • A kind note from a friend. 
You know, all of the good stuff.  The stuff that I would never want to live without.

This is kind of a rambly post, and I didn't mean for it to be that way, but I'm just thinking - I can remember when Aaron and I were wild and free with no kids in tote.  It was easy packing up to go to the fair to eat what we wanted, look at what we wanted and hang out with who we wanted.  And I'm not going to lie, I felt like I'd be giving that up when kids entered the world.  And the opposite couldn't be more true.  Aaron and I agreed last night that watching Bryton experience the fair, ride the rides, enjoy the food, ride on daddy's shoulders, etc, makes the entire experience for us.  The food is like the icing on the cake.  And for all of those years we were just skimming the surface of what enjoyment could be.

It makes me so excited for Ans (though I'm in no hurry for her to grow up), knowing that we'll, Lord willing, experience many of the same things with her, alongside her brother. 

And - as the 'not so candid' one I am... I'll say that it wasn't that long ago, 18 months maybe, that Ansley was but a thought in my head, a longing, a desire yet to be quenched, and I wondered if Bryton would ever have a sibling, if we'd ever have number 2.  Bryton wasn't exactly the easiest child, and the thought of having another colicky, not sleeping through the night baby was enough to make Aaron very stand-offish to any idea of more.  And as much as I couldn't imagine life with only one, and as much as I longed for two, I also longed for a happy husband and submissiveness.  So I waited... until the day came where he said 'ok.'

Today - while noticing my little blessings playing together (she's only 6 months, doesn't seem possible, but they love each other), I couldn't imagine life without her, and I thought back to such a recent time when I wondered if she'd ever even be, knowing full and well that God had our paths planned out and knowing I'd need to be okay with that plan.  And she's such a blessing.  All good and perfect things come to us by the father of lights. 

So as I prepare to dig into this book a little deeper - I ask you... what are those blessings in your life.  Not the big glaring in your face ones, but the subtle, "man, I love that smell" ones... know what I mean?


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  1. That is such a beautiful book. Meaty, and I'm sure I could read it again and find something new. Read it with tears in my eyes.