Tuesday, August 9, 2011

An Expression of Independence

It's a good thing God has more patience with us than we do with our children sometimes.  Bryton is going through this do everything on my own streak, which is a good thing in light of the fact that it will, eventually, make him more capable and independent, but the attitude in which he goes about expressing his independence can be, errr, less than desirable

Just this morning he went to use the potty and, after he'd been there for some time.  I went to check on him and noticed that he was struggling getting his pants pulled back up over his rear.  His underwear was up, but he just couldn't quite get the back of his pants.  Of course, I should have known better, but I walked over to him and in the midst of saying, "Here, let momma help you," he came unglued and was on the floor crying.  My reaction?  I raise my hands (as if I'm washing them of the situation), and I say, "Fine.  I won't help.  Do it on your own,"  and I walked off. 

And I wonder - does God ever just hold up his hands and say, "Fine.  You think you have this figured out, YOU do it?"  Because, Lord help us if He does. 

It also reminds me how annoying my stubbornness has to be to God, because, let's be honest, folks, the stubbornness of our children works on our nerves.   It is a great reminder of God's patience and mercy, being that He could take us out whenever He wanted.

So, today, I'll be ever thankful to a merciful God and will work diligently to allow God to display that mercy, through me, to my children.


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