Friday, August 12, 2011

Change Change Change

Ok - seriously.  After yesterday's post we tried something monumental.  We put Ansley in her crib, for the first night... ever.  She's slept in her bassinet since, well, day 4 or so.  (Minus the hospital stay and one night that she slept in her bouncy at home.)  The reason why?  Her crib is in Bryton's room.  (Have I mentioned we need three bedrooms?  Ok, just checking.)

Last night went remarkably.  Bryton went in, went right to sleep (she goes to bed before him so we were concerned about him being quiet), and both of them woke this morning around 6:40.  Best of all, I got an entire night sleep.  Of course, I awoke once and panicked slightly that I'd here her talking or something, or that she'd wake him up... so I had to rid myself of the anxiety before I was able to go back to sleep, but by golly, did I sleep!

Tonight - though - Bryton goes to bed, opens his door 4 times (and it's an old - school creaky clicky door), then decides to sing and bounce his feet off of his creaky bed over and over and over again.  Three scoldings and a spankin' later, and he's still in there singing.  Ugh.  I'm watching Ansley on the monitor praying she doesn't wake.  (Which she hasn't... yet.)

Did I mention we need 3 bedrooms?!

Oh well.

Btw - I have a fun post for tomorrow to let you know what I've been doing all week ;)


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  1. That sounds very promising! Maybe baby girl will just learn to tune out the noise and sleep through Bubba's night time routine. I know Q got used to hearing Sprig cry, and sleeps through most of her wake-ups. Good luck!!!