Thursday, June 2, 2011

What's Wrong With This Picture?

For the sake of causing a ginormous controversy - here we go.  (Maybe one of these days I'll learn to filter, until then, I'm going to try to express my opinions on this without utterly offending people.)

First off - I'm an AVID Old Navy fan.  Period.  I love them.  Their clothes hold up (for us), they are very reasonably priced, and I can shop for all four of us in the same store and the dog, too, if I want! Isn't that wonderful!?  I suggest that it is. 

In fact - just yesterday I posted on my facebook status an incredible groupon for $20 worth of Old Navy merchandise for $10.  The deal is here and is still available if you are interested in it. 

Fast forward to today, and I see this Old Navy status up date on Facebook:

"Pride shirts are on their way!  Ladies first!  Women's shirts will be available Monday 6/6.  Guys' shirts will be in store on Wednesday, 6/8.  Select stores only, so check the list to find out where you can get them.  And don't forget, 10% of the sales goes to It Gets Better."

So - of course, this peaked my curiosity, and I followed the link they provided, which took me here.

Go ahead, seriously, go check it out, because this is what I'll be talking about in the rest of this blog... I'll wait...

No, really, you at least need to peek at the comments, scroll down a ways and just glance through them...

Still waiting...

Okay - now I'll answer my question, "What's Wrong With this Picture?" 

Answer?  Everything. 

I'm not even going to touch gay pride with a ten foot pole... I have my own opinions on homosexuality (which I've based off scripture, and apply to the people who are Christians and practicing homosexuality - guess I just shortened that pole, huh?  Oh well.) - but none of that even compares to the two huge things that irk me about the comments on this page. 

First off - I'll start with the group that people may assume that I fit within... the people who are making comments (which are fewer than the others I'm seeing, but I'm not going to assume there aren't many more silent ones out there) about how they will never shop at Old Navy again and about how disappointed in them they are. 

*Sigh* - really?  I mean, come on, maybe it's just not in my nature to be a bigot or boycotter, but if you are really going to nix any business, industry or establishment that is tolerant or even encouraging of other beliefs, ideas, or way of living, you may as well stay home, never go to a movie, never go to Disney, never eat at most restaurants, and don't shop at the mall... and, most frustratingly, as I am assuming you are a "Christian" for making that statement (sad, isn't it - when one can make an assumption like that), please remember that our God is a God of love who called us to be in the world and not of it.  If anything, I'll shop at Old Navy more often... they are going to bring in a crowd of people that I'd like to rub shoulders with... maybe even just to show them I'm a Christian, am not afraid of them or their differing lifestyle, and that I may not agree with how they live their lives, I can love them and even enjoy them exactly how they are at this moment.  I mean, isn't that what Jesus did?  But we often forget that.  Maybe I error on the side of being too accepting (and again, I'm not condoning behavior - rather, I'm not making any assumptions about their spiritual preferences, and in doing so, I realize that I'm totally unaware of the standards of which they should be held to.), but I think I'd rather error on the side of loving than on the side of judging (going back to the whole assumption thing and standards...).

So that was the first thing... the other thing that irks me:  the other comments (which are much more frequent and quite a bit louder) that shout: "We're mad because they aren't selling them online or selling them in all of the stores, and by the way, we are starting petitions... yada yada yada yada." 

Ahem.  You're kidding, right?  I'm sorry, but my opinion is this... I don't recall Old Navy ever making any such bold moves regarding any minority people group before.  That is the fact... Old Navy has put their neck on the line from a business standpoint (and yes, they have... I mean, think about all of the people who fit in the category above), and not knowing what the demand will be for such an item, they are providing them only in stores that are in larger cities. 

I can't say that I blame them... the demand will be higher there, they can't make 1000's of shirts that will sit in every store and not be sold (because let's be honest, most straight people aren't going to buy them, and they may lose business completely by even offering these shirts from some people that fit the category above), and they are supporting you by even taking such a business risk... they are even donating 10% of the profits to benefit a cause you would be concerned about!  Stop complaining! 

Suppose Old Navy decided to support Christianity and offer shirts about Jesus Pride (cheesy, I know, but humor me), I wouldn't be ticked off that there wasn't going to be a local store that was selling them, I'd be honored and supportive that they would even support such a cause, knowing that it'd probably tick off several other groups that are part of their consumer base!  It'd be a big ole' high five from this girl to their head honchos!  Give them a break!  Cut them some slack!  But that's just my opinion...

So - who knows, maybe this whole blog wasn't going where you expected to, but I'm interested to hear your opinion... even if it differs from mine... I'm open to hearing what ya'll have to say...


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