Saturday, June 25, 2011

Memorizing the Jesus Book and Teaching Blend Sounds

Alright friends of the blog realm, I'm on a mission.  Let me tell you about my elephant errrr, child.  He remembers everything.  Take, for example, just last night.  I told him we were going to watch daddy play softball (he's been to the softball fields one time in the past year), and he proceeded to ask me if he could play on the slides there (there's a small playground) and if he was going to get to eat an apple and cookies (the last time we had chicken salad sandwiches, apples, and animal crackers while we were watching daddy play).  He's two, by golly, I didn't even remember that until he mentioned it!

So, being that he's remembering stuff and all, I'd love to have him start doing some scripture memorization.  (As is being done by my blog friend at Thoughts & Whatnots with her toddler.)  I'm a little perplexed about where to start.  I need suggestions!  He typically remembers things more when they are repeated over and over.  Maybe this is a good time for he and I to work on a verse every couple of months (one that can be repeated over and over at specific times???)  What do you all think?

And here's another, errr, confession (I guess).  Bryton is having an issue saying the blend 'tr'.  Think "train", "truck", "trip" etc.  The problem is that he replaces the "tr" with "f".  Sure, you are thinking, "Okay, Alicia, he's two, give him a break."  But here's the problem:  "Choo choo frain" is not the problem, nor is "fip" for trip, but don't make me spell out what 'truck' is if you drop the "tr" and add the 'f'.  Granted, he's two and has no idea what he's saying... but he's definitely been turning some heads when saying "big truck" or "fire truck" lately.  HELP!  Is there any way to teach him this, or do we just have to wait this one out?


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  1. I think the "f" for "tr" is a very, very common thing. I know many a "f" truck story from friends kids! :P I'm sure there is bound to be speech-therapy tricks for helping with it, but I don't know them. Q replaces "f" with "s" and most words starting with "p" he replaces with "c" (for instance, he calls his cup a puck).

    As for Scripture memorization, I try to choose shorter scriptures, and break them down into 2-4 word segments. John 3:16 for instance, "For God- so loved the world- that he have- his only begotten son- that whosoever-believes in him- should not perish-but have- everlasting life" it becomes somewhat rhythmic and he's seeming to catch that pretty good.

    There is a website that I got an A-Z scripture chart off of, I will have to see if I can find it. It's pretty neat, the scriptures are short and simple. That's what we've been working off of.

    Thanks for the Letter Factory recommendation, I'm headed to check that out!