Saturday, June 11, 2011

Some Saturday Randomness

It's a late post day for me.  I was busy doing life this morning :) 

I took Bryton to my mom's house to go swimming in the pool.  It was successful, which was refreshing, being that the only thing he freaked on at the zoo was any kind of water feature or pool, would barely sit in the kiddie pool at the in-laws house, and was terrified of the sprinkler.  Amazing considering this kid love his bath and has always loved being in the water before... unbelievable. 

So - being that he starts swimming lessons with his friend Reagan on Monday, it was a refreshing surprise to see how excited he was to get in the pool at Gaga's house. 

I didn't get any pictures this time, because, well, I was in the pool with him! :)

We got chinese for lunch and then tie dyed t-shirts, which was on my list of things to do all week.  It didn't turn out to be near as much of a group or family activity as I wanted it to be, so hopefully they turn out well to make it worth it.  I'll post pictures when they're done... maybe.  We'll see how they turn out ;) They are currently still saturating.  

I then went back to my mom's house (alone) to lay out at the pool to get this white girl a bit of sun.  I'm past wanting to be super dark all summer long, mostly because I don't want to be a wrinkly / leathery 30 year old, but this white girl needs a little base so she doesn't burn every time she's in the sun for the rest of the summer.  I think I did well at getting a small base but not over doing it and burning.

Now we're working on putting some fish on the grill.  Oh, if you even knew the milestone this is for me!!  I would never eat fish growing up... and this is the first time we've ever even had fish in our house!  So - now that I've overcome my fear of eating it, I'm hoping we've fixed it in such a way that I like it... we've marinaded it with Caribbean jerk... any other great fish recipes out there we could try?  Right now we've got tilapia in the freezer...

Fill me in - gotta eat more of this stuff!


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  1. Ahhh, I love fish, but sadly my Man does not. Thankfully Q will eat it with me, so we have it for lunch. I mostly toss it in a skillet with some butter and garlic salt.