Monday, June 20, 2011

Motivate Me Monday

Welcome to another edition of Motivate Me Monday!

This may as well be a "do it yourself" edition of Motivate Me Monday, because I've got a lot of projects to add to the regular 'work-list' (house cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc.).  I also have it in my plan of action to post all of those projects here on the blog :)  Stay tuned for those!  Here it goes:

  1. You know that birth announcement project I had in mind last week.  It's on my list this week, and is on the blog schedule for tomorrow!  That means I'm making certain it gets done!  Make sure to check back!  
  2. You remember those yucky awful bushes in our front yard, with the major question as to what to do with them.  Well, they looked awful and needed trimmed, so hubby was a good man and trimmed them.  Then they still looked awful (not his fault), and so we decided maybe if we shaped them as the three individual bushes they are (rather than one ginormous bush), it'd look better, and they still look awful.  So I'll take you a new picture (the after of the before we already posted), and put it on our schedule this week to make that area look better.  It may just mean we may get the dumb things dug up and start brainstorming again.  
  3. Ahem (blushing)... get the Christmas lights down.  I know, awful, right?  I'm embarrassed.  If I have to get on the roof myself I'll do it.  Or maybe I'll pay a boy $20 to get them down... any takers?     Done!  Thanks, Adam!
  4. I'm starting a new, temporary, meme this week.  It should be a fun one, but I'm trying to decide exactly how to get it done... so it's going to require some brainstorming!  Let's see, I have a Friday and a Monday, so how about I add this to the blog list for Wednesdays! :)  
  5. I have another 'art project' on my mind.  We'll see if I can get going on it.  It'll be easy if I can find what I need for it :)  I'll keep you up to date on that one too.  
I'll cut the list short this week - as these should keep me plenty busy... though I know that I'll publish this and my list will multiply exponentially.  Er, such is life.

Make sure you keep checking back as I'm blogging everyday!  I have my blog list ready for this week, and I'm excited about some of the things coming up ;)

Hope everyone has a great week!!!


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