Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Relational Status' of Childhood Characters

I'd tell you what got me thinking about all of this, but I'll wait until the end, because I want to make you wonder where these thoughts could have possibly come from. 

So, as is normal in our house, we were watching a dvr'ed episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse the other day, ultimately, Bryton's favorite show.  I was paying extra close attention on this particular day, and I began to notice just how odd the make up of Mickey's social circle happens to be. 

Think with me, won't you?

Mickey is a mouse.  Mice, notoriously, are small.  (He's Mickey Mouse, not Mickey Rat).  Mickey has his girlfriend (though tactfully, thankfully we have no mouse make-out sessions) whose name is Minnie.  Minnie seems a little flighty, but very polite, and Mickey seems to like her a lot.  All in all, pretty normal.  At least, as of now. 

Now, add in that their couple friends, Donald and Daisy, both ducks.  I'm not sure about you, but when was the last time you saw mice and ducks hanging out together.  If you are like me, not very often.  Now, I know, I know, have a little bit of an imagination, Alicia!  Since when do mice have clubhouses anyway?  Still, though... ducks?   So, Donald has this speech impediment that, in like 50 years he's never been able to overcome, and Daisy, well, she seems a little more strong-headed than Minnie.   And, somehow, Donald and Daisy appear to be the same size as Mickey and Minnie.  Weird.  Ducks and mice, the same size?  But it gets even more weird. 

This is where it all started falling apart for me, our remaining major characters are Goofy (a dog) and Pluto (also a dog).  The problem?  Well, Goofy acts as if he is one of the gang, and by account, he is!  He talks, participates, plays with and solves mysteries with the rest of the crew, but somehow, Pluto, well, he's just a dog.  Ok - whose idea was this?  "Let's make a group of friends, two mice, two ducks, one dog, and oh - let's give 'em a pet... how about another dog for a pet?  Great!"

So I'm not sure who I feel worse for... Pluto, because, well, poor guy just has to be a dog, or Goofy, who has no soul mate (I mean, come on, God Himself said it was not good for man to be alone.)  But, is he really alone?  After watching enough Mickey, I've come to the conclusion that no, he is not alone.  He has Clarabelle apparently... and for those of you who don't know Mickey Mouse Clubhouse... Clarabelle is a cow.   

Yep - a cow.  So, now, friends, we have a dog and a cow who apparently enjoy each others' company, if ya know what I'm sayin'.  This is just perplexing me.  Maybe I'm too much of a realist, and I'm a huge Disney fan, but really, what were they thinking? 

Add onto this that you never really know from episode to episode whether Pete and Willie are good guys or bad guys, and you have one confused momma who was simply trying to figure out how to make us all Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Characters for Halloween (Bryton and Ansley will be Mickey and Minnie, and I can't imagine Aaron agreeing with dressing as Donald.  So if he's Goofy, apparently I have to be Clarabelle cow, and come one, I really have no desire to be a cow, especially one who is a minor character that I'll have to explain my life away on... ugh.  Decisions.) 

So there ya go - the soap opera of Mickey...


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