Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Birth Announcement DIY

So this project that I put together last week (did the 'grunt work') was completed this week with frames :)

I initially got the idea perusing on Etsy, and come to find, people were charging $15 - $25 for just the print (on paper or cardstock!) for these things.  I, of course, thought to myself, "I'm no diy'er, but surely with the help of my computer I can do the same thing for way less than $25 (frame and all)!

And so, I spent about 1/2 hour on the computer, 15 minutes in Hobby Lobby shopping for cute frames that fit the personality of each of the kiddos, bought two (on sale for 50% off of course), and minus the cost of the ink and two pieces of paper (just regular ole' paper), I spent a total of $19.74 for both of these.  (I love when frames are on sale at Hobby Lobby!)

AND - I personalized them exactly how I wanted, with both of their 'life verses' (as we've given them at this point, they will certainly be able to choose their own at some point) on them as well.  Ready to see the finished products?  Here ya go ;)

So, whatcha think?

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  1. Adorable! I did something similar for a piece of artwork in Sprigs room. Yours are super cute! I need to make Q one, and include their verses, too! Love that idea!