Friday, June 3, 2011

Is There Anything More Fun

Than playing with a 2 year old in the summer time?  No, I suggest that there is nothing more fun.  Bryton's gotten me outside (I'm a chillin' in the air conditioning type of girl normally) more than I've ever ventured in my life, and though I go begrudgingly most of the time, once I'm out there I'm happy.  Today I even found myself playing with his bubbles and noticed he was chasing them all over the yard trying to pop them :)  He had caught me in his fun without my even knowing it!

So we played bubbles, baseball, and a game where we drop rocks in a random hole in our yard, then we ate popsicles, his blue, mine red, and after that he sat on his little radio flyer trike and rung the bell about 100 times.  Bliss.

Sometimes I wonder when in life we lose that imaginative play, you know, the play where dollies really do drink tea, or where there's a purpose to filling that hole full of rocks.  Shoot, for all I know we were helping little spacemen climb to the surface of our planet from some planet within.  Who knows why it was fun for Bryton?  All I know was that when I'm playing with him, somehow, without even understanding it, it's fun for me.

Just the other day Bryton was playing with (with being the keyword) Reagan, the daughter of good friends of ours, and they were playing something.  All we know was that they were running crazy through the house after each other, laughing hysterically, and at one point trucks were involved.  Whatever it was they were playing, they were having a great time, and there was no sort of communication in which Bryton told Reagan, "I have an idea, let's pretend that we're godzillas, let's run through the house and terrorize the place, and then drive these little cars here through this big tunnel."  Rather, it just... happened.

And again I wonder, when do we lose that?  That unhindered, unyielding, uncommunicative, creative kind of fun... where toy firetrucks put out lincoln log fires and elmo needs his diaper changed just like Ansley.

Bryton being two has made me realize two things:  I often times take life way to seriously and spend too much of my time worrying, and I've forgotten what it's like to just have fun... that fun that almost makes me feel foolish now.

And all of this got me thinking... there were some major toys I loved growing up... more on that tomorrow :)


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