Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cats, Kickboxing, Projects and Motivation Blockers

It's random - yes, I know - but thus is life... so let's break it all down. 

As in the cat is out of the bag, which really has nothing to do with cats at all.  Gotcha!  No - it really has everything to do with Segways and stadiums.  You know, Segways.  Think Mall Cop.  Yeah - now you've got it. 
This picture must be like extreme Segwaying... the blurred surroundings makes it look like he's going about 40 miles per hour.  No, thank you.

Anyway, Aaron and I love Segways!  We rode them on vacation one time and swore (when we were on the road) that we were going to buy one for summer camps with Ken the next year.  Aaron said he'd double me.  Would be interesting on a Segway (being that they have everything to do with balance and all), but I thought it'd be fun to try. 

We never bought one.  SO- for Father's Day (that's the cat that's out of the bag, btw) - I'm taking Aaron on a 3 hour Segway tour of downtown St. Louis.  Woot woot!  I think we get to go over a bridge!  Hope I have my balance down by that point. 

And stadiums - well, they go with the Segways, only they don't really.  The stadium is just going to happen on the same day as the Segway... and comes in the form of a tour this time.  Every time Aaron and I have been to the new Busch, we've said we wanted to do a tour to see all of the top secret stuff, so we decided we'd settle on the tour they offer and do that as part of Aaron's Father's Day as well.

I had originally thought I would keep it a secret - but hey, secrets are sometimes overrated (though I LOVE a good surprise), and it worked out for us to go with some dear friends of ours... so there will be some cat trip pictures later for you to laugh at enjoy. 

Kickboxing - well, that's exactly what it is.  I figured you'd want an update.  I have not given up.  No, I'm still going, and I haven't even fallen again (though there have been times that I really felt like I was going to!) My kickboxing guy (yeah, we have a 'guy') told me after my first experience that I'd be sore but by the weekend would feel strong.  Ahem - just a little note to say that I did not feel strong, unless of course your call painful jello strong, because I definitely felt like painful jello after that first time.  Now, I'm a little sore here and there, but when it's over, I do feel strong, and that's a feeling I enjoy.  We get our gloves soon, and I know it sounds cheesy, but I'm excited about the gloves.  May make me feel stronger looking the part ;)

Projects.  I have a list 3 and a 1/2 miles long... but number one on the list (only because it's almost accomplished) is finding a couple of white frames for some really cute name posters I made for the kids.  I'll take pictures as soon as I find the frames I like.  I found something similar on Etsy and decided I'd make them myself... and I'm really happy with how they turned out!   Hopefully before the week is over I have something to show you as far as they are concerned! 

And motivation blockers... well, those are in reference to Motivate Me Monday.  I'm going to have to put more thought into my Monday meme, as I've had to add about 15 extra things to the list (and the things on the list are not disappearing as quickly as I'd like), including grocery shopping, details regarding our Father's day outing, planning several different things, etc.  I have 8 things on my list of To Do's for tomorrow, that do not include the ones still left on my Monday meme list. 

So - remaining motivated and not discouraged is becoming difficult, but I'm hanging in there...

Check back soon for those cat pictures!


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