Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's Easy to Get Caught Up

In light of recent events (what seem to be tragic, recurring, events) God is welling up in me a spirit of thankfulness. 

Getting Caught Up
It's become easy, lately, to get caught up in moments, namely, frustrating, difficult moments.  Those of you with children know the moments I'm speaking of.  The moments where your child looks you right in the face and continues doing the very thing that you've asked repeatedly for them not to do.  These are the moments of time outs and, in our house, 'bad spoons'.  These are the 6 am wake up calls (rather than the 'after 7's' that I prefer), these are the two year old feet kicking the tar out of my seat in the car, these are the little girl screams when she should be sleeping, these are loud talking when he's been told to be quiet, it's the getting up out of bed 10 times when he should be napping, it is fits and throwing himself on the floor.  And it is all exhausting and frustrating. 

And, Yet, These Are The Moments...
That I know I'd long for if the unthinkable happened.  These are the moments we would cherish and one day laugh about.  Along with every precious, joyous moment, these moments of frustration join to bring us some of life's greatest blessings.

I'm Learning
That my frustration in these trying moments may, in no way, be justified.  No, I've been shown a great deal of patience by a Father who watches me continue to do all of the things He has repeatedly asked me not too.  He has not shown wrath when I've disobeyed in light of the fact that He knows that I know better.  I'm certain there are times that I look like that angry two year old throwing herself on the floor when He knows what's best for me.  We have a much wider view than our children as to what is best for them, as is true with God's all-knowing perspective compared to ours which is so limited. 

  Yet, He loves us.  
And He maintains patience.  And He is jubilant over us.  He corrects us, but He does so in love.  He sees a relationship with us as something worth sacrifice.  He cares deeply for our needs, hurts deeply for our sin, and desires a relationship with us in much the same way we do with our own children.

Now, to love like the Father. 
To discipline with love, not in anger.  To rejoice for my children, delighting in them and caring for their needs, hurting for their sin, and desiring a relationship with them that only comes through great sacrifice.  To love them in light of their sin and in spite of their sin... and to be thankful for every moment God allows them to be in my care.  For I am allowed a glimpse of the Father's delight in His children only through Him allowing me the privilege of loving my own.  For they are

I Don't Always Get it Right
But I pray that I always remember that every kicked seat, every minute of sleep lost, every fit thrown, every tear wept... they are all part of the blessing, and will all be missed, will all be cherished, will all be treasured when kids are grown, kids are gone, or when we part as a loved one passes... 

In an effort to be more conscious of the blessings...



  1. This made made cry in a good, sobering way. Such good, and REAL thoughts that make us thankful. I'm reading Ann Voskamp's "One Thousand Gifts", and even before this post, I've thought of you alot while reading it! Mostly from previous conversations or things you've written. I think I'm going to have to share the book. :) -sniff-

  2. Share away! :) I always look forward to a good read (Okay, AND a good cry ;)