Friday, June 10, 2011

Weigh Day Friday

Alright, folks. It's time for some new memes around here!

So I now introduce to you:

You heard it here first, friends.  Every Friday marks the day that I mark the pounds as they shed (hopefully), or more importantly, the inches as they disappear!

So I guess we'll consider today a starting day since I just started doing anything about it ;)

So - baby belly and all:
weight: 129.6
inches: (right around the belly, where I'm wanting to lose them) 35''

ugh - that means I'm almost 3 feet around.  Bleh.

I'm not so concerned about that number on the scale, but that number on the tape has to come down!
We'll see where I sit next week!

Need the challenge yourself?  Take on the Weigh Day Meme!  I share well with others ;)



  1. i will be joining you on this one in several weeks!!! :)

  2. good deal :) I won't be alone haha!

  3. I'm too chicken to list a number but I will say that I am down 7 pounds!