Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Break from Technology

If you know me at all (and if you read me, you do, I don't hide a lot) you know that I love to talk, and I love my blog, but if you know me like you think you do, I like my family time and relaxation, too.  That being said, you can count on blogs from me for the next few days, but it's because I'm scheduling them to post early.  We have a big, hopefully enjoyable, weekend planned (well, Aaron's weekend) that includes a Cardinal game, a little boy's wading pool, the zoo, and lots of good family time.  I may even let Bryton help a sister (or in this case a mother, me!) today washing the car... this white girl needs a tan. 

That being said, keep stopping by and checking daily (if you are bored and not taking a technology break yourself), but don't expect to see much from me on facebook or the blog (except for what I post early here, or from my phone on facebook :) 

Now I'm going to write those posts for the next couple days... and then to get ready ;)


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