Monday, June 6, 2011

Ugh. Motivation.

I have no heavy thoughts today.  I don't even have topical thoughts today.  No, today my thoughts are so sporadic that I'm just trying not to think.

Ugh.  After being gone for just a few days all I can think about are the things I should be doing, and there are so many of them that I don't even have the motivation to think about doing one.

I have laundry to make up for a couple of days since I wasn't home to do it.  I have household chores that didn't get done while I was gone, several of them.

I have a little boy who desperately wants to be outside... a little girl who really can't be outside very long, and a whole slew of projects that I want to get done.

So I guess today is going to be a 'catchup Monday.'  I guess I'll switch my no motivation to an overachiever's motivation.  Here's what I'm going to try to accomplish:

  • load of dishes (running currently) 
  • laundry finished (almost...)
  • floors swept
  • house dusted (almost finished it... darn...)
  • supper prepared
  • kickboxing
  • scentsy party
  • read another chapter in my book
  • grocery store
  • bryton to the library
  • fruit cut and put away
Alright - here we go... let's see how I do...
(And thanks for the encouragement, Jen!  It may be what I need to get this all going.  Although, I can see some of these are going to have to carry over until tomorrow... grrr....)

1 comment:

  1. Ugh. I hear you.
    I've been so worn out this week with tackling my lists, and it seems no matter how much I accompish I feel more like a failure and less like I've tackled anything.
    But I don't pray that for you today! I pray that you have grace to do everything you can, and even if it's not everything on the list, it's all good. :) Love the new look <3