Monday, June 27, 2011

Cheap Home Decor Idea

So before I post this week's Motivate Me Monday segment (which includes, ahem, still several decor projects), I thought I'd post an idea for a really cheap 4th of July decor idea.

Tiny Prints is once again offering up another free card (if you've not ordered from them, you really should, the quality of the cards are great, and I'm always impressed with their designs!)

Anyway, check out this cute 4th of July card:

I went and ordered this very card, did no personalization, used the promo code TROOPS to get the card FREE (including shipping) and will use just this side of the car, put in a matted frame and voila, 4th of July decor that I can reuse year after year ;)

Go here to get started, and be sure to browse around when you are done!  They offer free cards all of the time, and they are all very cute!


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