Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Promised Tie Dyed T-Shirts

And here they are:
Here is Ansley Mak in her onesie, embellished with all of the tie dye colors in our kit.  She is truly a flower child now. 
 Here is Momma in shirt number 1.  Note:  we did NOT wear these at the same time.  
I'm not that cheesy.

 And here is Bryton in his boy version.  The red tended to run a little too much to keep the 'boy look', more on that later. 
 And here is momma in shirt number 2.  This shirt I wanted to remain more white, but it didn't seem to take much color at all... oh well.  Satisfied the purpose of the red, white and blue.

Now - there was also an 18 month shirt done for Ansley for next year and a shirt done for Aaron.  Those two were my least favorites... I did Aaron's in the style he wanted, but I tried to do red, white and blue, and the red and blue that overlapped made purple (I know, a typical 2nd grade art class concept, right? duh, Alicia) and the red ran like crazy making the white in Aaron's shirt pink.  Needless to say, he won't be wearing his purple and pink creation that I made him.  Sorry, honey.  (I don't feel too bad, when I told him I got him a shirt too, he acted surprised and had that "I'm never going to wear it," look on his face.  So no harm, no foul.) 

So overall - I deem it a successful venture.  Now - to get on with the other projects in our household.  



  1. How cute!!! Did you just use a tie dye kit? Man, my kids would never live if down if I put them in tie dye (being they are legitimate Flower children...hahah) but it would be so cute!

  2. Yay, they turned out great! Yours is my fav, I like lots of white too. Haha too bad about Aaron's, but your description of it made me laugh. Your too much fun :)

  3. I did just use the kit! Bought it at WalMart :) Tulip brand! Soooo easy! And thanks, Jen :) You make me happy! (You should see his shirt - it's so bad I just started using it as a burp cloth for Ansley - may as well get some use out of it ;)