Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's That Time

There's something that tells me that summer is upon us... maybe it is the sweaty brow of a 2 year old after 1/2 hour of playing outside, maybe it is the cute summery dresses that line the closet of our brand new daughter, or who knows, maybe it's the 70% humidity and a heat index of 110 degrees, either way, it's upon us. 

And despite the dreaded hotness of the whole season, I actually enjoy all that summer entails. (I'm a seasonal girl, myself.  Experiencing the seasons is nice.  I love them all for their own qualities, well, except from spring, because it is of the devil, plagued with allergens and all.) So I thought I'd take a short Sunday minute to post about the 10 things I love most about the summer:

10.  Longer days = more sunshine.  More sunshine = higher serotonin levels.  Higher serotonin levels = happier and less stressed Alicia.  Yay for sunshine! 

9.  Playing outside with Bryton!  Bats and balls and bubbles, oh my!

8.  My entire menu plan changes, Aaron gets in on some cooking... on the grill!  Woot woot for marinaded chicken, steak, pork tenderloin, and fresh veggies and fruit! 

7.  Tropical sno (guava or peach, pineapple and red raspberry are both favorites), ice cream, and half price drinks at Sonic! 

6.  The water!  Whether it be in lake, pond, ocean, or pool, the water during summer makes this girl happy!  (And I welcome the light tan that comes with it!)

5.  Cardinal baseball is in full swing!  (Although our losing game the other night had me wishing for winter again...)

4.  Shorts, tanks, sandals, and sunglasses!   Makes sticking kids in carseats easier, makes getting ready faster, makes looking cute more fun!  Woo hoo for warm weather!

3.  Our front porch.  Bryton can play outside alone if he wants, mom can relax in the evenings, and thanks to our new ceiling fan (thanks, honey), our front porch sitting can happen in the summer and not just spring and fall!

2.  Green, as in grass, plants, bushes, etc.  It lingers around dead for so long that any color is welcomed... although it does usually die of heat stroke before the end of July or August though...

1.  Bbq's, parties, time with friends, vacations, etc.  What a great time of year to 'do' (and not just 'be') with the ones you love!  Awww, bliss!

So what do you enjoy about summer?


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