Monday, June 27, 2011

Motivate Me Monday

Welcome to another Motivate Me Monday segment!

I'm figuring out that I need to break these things up day by day in order to get them done, so I hope as I continue this segment I find myself more and more successful.  We shall see. 

For this week:
  1. Clean out kids closet / drawers and do inventory.  I admit it, friends.  I'm a huge bargain shopper, and I buy in advance for my kids' next season (or in some cases, next years) clothes.  We've actually done fairly well up to this point about judging sizes well and all.  The one thing I've not done great at is doing inventory of what I have so that I have enough of one thing and not 3,000 of something else.  That being said, I'm assuming Ansley is stocked up through this time next year, and I know Bryton probably needs a lot of everything (it's been hard to find great deals on clothes in his size recently... weird), but I need to find out what the needs really are for both of them. 
  2. One art project accomplished.  Yep, one.  Why? Because I have about 17 (it feels like) on the drawing board, and I need to feel the accomplishment of finishing one.   I have one project that is in the 'works', but i can't rush it... I'm excited for how it turns out in the end.  Don't worry, I'll keep you all posted :) 
  3. This is a pay bills / menu plan week.  I may share with you my menu plan with you when it comes together this week.  I'm going to see how much I can use out of my stockpile and how little I can buy from the store :) 
  4. Whole house cleaned (again).  I'm more motivated to do it when I see it on here. 
I'd mention the bushes again, but we're still trying to decide what to do with them, and being that it's a tough week for Aaron work wise, and it's a holiday weekend coming up, we'll postpone that for a time. 

Keep checking back, multiple blogs a day. 


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