Monday, October 31, 2011

Where I've Been / Halloween Lore

Oh friends.  A busy season it has been... and only about to get busier.  Let's hope I beat whatever this sore throat / sickness is that I've been battling for the last three days before the festivities really get underway.  Have I ever mentioned how much I loathe {*said with a beastly growl.  the word 'loathe' is not even strong enough, but I regress} being sick?  Moreso at this point in my life than ever before.  Momma's don't get sick days to recuperate, we tarry on, changing and feeding and coughing into our sleeves so it's not in the face of the little children who, in much innocence, probably gave us this nastiness. 

But I wouldn't change it.  Really.  (cough, sneeze)


We're taking today as low key.  There won't be much teaching, preachin' (ahem - gettin' on to... we talk about Jesus all days of our life.  Even when it hurts to talk...) or strenuous activity today from this momma, unless you count chasing a 7 month old who is crawling at 100 mph and whose favorite pastime is to chew on cords and play near outlets.  That could be considered to be strenuous.  But all in all - I'm saving my energy up for Bryton's first time trick or treating tonight.  We had an entire halloween day planned, starting with taking B to a 'scary good time' at the local library, but you know, today - I'm not dressed like supermom.  Maybe next holiday...

However - I do have some mighty cute pictures of the lovely offspring at our church's fall festival Saturday night... want to see?  I knew you did.

B went this year as Mickey Mouse.  It's only appropriate that we take his favorite thing and run with it.  Ansley went as Minnie - for the same reason.  It's been amazing how 'into' dressing in "classrooms" (ahem - costumes) Bryton has been this year!  It's totally fun!

I. Love. And. Adore. this picture of my daughter!  She doesn't get all dolled up very often, but just look at her sweetness.  Love love it!

Ok - are you ready for this shocking statement?  B did this on his own.  Sure - we had to ask him to do it again since I wasn't camera ready when it happened the first time, but luckily he obliged this time. 

B got to learn to lasso at the fall fest.  He seemed to really enjoy it!

I can't believe how big my baby boy is getting.  It was just yesterday I was up all night with him, staring at his little face, giving him a bottle.  How is he so big?  So frustrating!

A boy and his ears.  

And this was the continual question - how to get yellow shoes?  Final decision: spray paint.  The shoes are almost too small for him anyway... so they work :)

Look at this precious, slobbery face.  So very blessed.  Who cares about a little sore throat.  

Well - folks, that's all for today.  I have to go rescue A from behind the recliner.  I promise I will try to better this week... it's a big week, so I'll have to keep you posted. 

Until next week -


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